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Better Gas Heating – The Bosch BGH96 Furnace

It is no secret that we are big fans of Bosch’s inverter-driven heat pumps but starting this winter, those aren’t the only Bosch heating equipment at Able. That’s right, the high-efficiency BGH96 is now available at any Able branch just in time to be a part of your 2024 ComEd rebate packages.

The BGH96 Condensing Furnace

The BGH96 brings everything you expect from a modern high-efficiency furnace along with everything you’d expect from a high-quality Bosch product.

The excellent efficiency is the main selling point of the BGH96. It clocks in at a hefty (and probably fairly obvious) 96%. This exceptional performance comes from the combination of a two-stage gas valve, and ECM blower motor, and two heat exchangers—the primary one featuring a tubular design and made with aluminized steel, the secondary made from stainless steel.

Efficiency is not the only draw, the BGH96 also has convenience to spare. To start, the cabinet features a low-profile design with the height and depth steady at 33.75” and 28.5”, respectively, across the line. It supports multi-position (upflow/horizontal) installation and features ambidextrous connection options for gas and electric.

Finally, the BGH96 is backed by a robust Bosch warranty. The default is five years on parts and 20 on the heat exchanger but when you register the installation online with Bosch it expands to a 10-year parts and lifetime heat exchanger warranty.

The BGH96 + Rebates

2024 is next week and the ComEd rebate system is changing. We have covered this on the blog before and we have a convenient Rebates Hub Page set up on the webshop. But, just to refresh, these are the Bosch product combos that qualify for 2024 rebates:

M15 Heat Pump + Air Handler
M20 Heat Pump + [Air Handler OR Coil + BGH96 Furnace]
Mini Splits (except 115v and 36k single-zone, and 2 and 5 multi-zone systems)

When a BGH96 furnace is installed with an M20 heat pump and a BMAC coil, the package will qualify for the highest tier of rebate from ComEd: $1,400.

Bottom Line

The BGH96 is a two-stage beast. It is easy to install and easy to install and easy to incorporate into a new, rebate-ready system. And it is available at Able Distributors now!

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