APD Series Unit Heaters: Mammoth Power, Minimal Cost

Able Distributors is a proud supplier of many different Nortek products. Gibson provides affordable forced air solutions for homeowners who need to stay comfortable on a budget. Maytag makes some of the best furnaces and condensers available on the market today. Mammoth was previously a source for straightforward light commercial jobs, but they’ve expanded their line in an exciting new direction: unit heaters.

Nortek acquired Reznor a few years ago and now they are utilizing Reznor’s expertise in unit heater design to expand the Mammoth product line. Reznor is a storied company; founded in 1888, they were instrumental in the development of unit heaters for both residential and commercial applications.

Reznor unit heaters are a household name and soon Mammoth will be too. Designed using the combined knowledge of Mammoth and Reznor, the APD Series is a unit heater product line that covers every application from residential garages to industrial heating.

Now, unit heaters aren’t the most exciting piece of equipment, but what the APD Series lacks in bells and whistles, it more than makes up for in build quality and affordability. One of the first thing’s Mammoth did during the design process was refine the installation process. First, they reduced the amount of external hardware. Mounting an APD unit heater is easy thanks to the simple suspension points on every cabinet. In addition to being easier to install, the cabinet design also provides more headroom thanks to its low-profile design. Additionally, by supporting horizontal and vertical venting, the APD Series makes it even easier to find the perfect spot for installation.

Mammoth also relocated the terminal strip to the exterior of the cabinet, which allows wiring to be done without the hassle of removing and replacing panels. That’s not the only electrical difference, upgrades to the circuit board and terminal strip mean that an APD unit heater can run in fan-only mode without a relay.

Finally, the heat exchanger has been designed to reduce air turbulence. This not only provides superior air throw, it allows the APD series to utilize a smaller fan without affecting performance. This reduces the amount of electricity consumed and the operational noise levels.

The APD Series also benefits from Nortek’s distribution network which means it’s always easy to get the unit you need at Able. These units operate in the standard efficiency range of 82%-83% and they are available in 14(!) different capacities ranging from 30,000 BTU all the way up to 400,000 BTU.

Mammoth APD Series Unit Heater Sell Sheet | Mammoth APD Series Unit Heater Spec Sheet

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