Expanded Saturday Delivery Now Available at Able

For a while now, our policy has been to offer Saturday delivery on a case-by-case basis with an attached surcharge of $50.

That policy is gone. We’ve listened to our customers, we’ve restructured our Saturday staffing, and beginning on December 16th, Able Distributors will be offering expanded Saturday delivery services at the standard rate.

All we ask from our customers is advanced notice whenever possible. We strongly prefer 24-hours notice for Saturday deliveries; just let us know what you need and where you need it by Friday, and we’ll get it to you on Saturday. If you can give us more notice than that, awesome!

For day-of deliveries, we’ll do our absolute best. The majority of the time, if you call up on Saturday, we’ll be able to get your product out to you that day. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee every day-of delivery, which is why we stress that scheduling in advance is the best way to ensure that your equipment, parts, and materials are at the job site when you need them.

We’re able to offer these expanded services to you as a result of increased staffing at our Chicago warehouse, which will be performing Saturday deliveries for the Chicago, North Shore, and South Side branches.

Our McHenry branch will also be eliminating the $50 Saturday delivery fee and accepting standard Saturday deliveries. However, they will be doing so with some qualifiers. Since our McHenry branch cannot take advantage of the Chicago warehouse, it is even more important for our McHenry-based contractors to schedule Saturday deliveries in advance. Likewise, there may be fewer opportunities for day-of deliveries out of the McHenry warehouse due to staffing limitations.

We couldn’t be more excited to offer these expanded services to our contractors and we hope that they make your life a little easier. If you have any questions about our new policy or you would like to schedule a Saturday delivery, just ask your friendly Able salesperson–they’ll be happy to help!

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