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Unic-OH! The Top Ten Reasons We Love Unico

With cooling season finally, maybe upon Chicagoland, we thought it was a good idea to go over all of the advantages of a Unico system.

1. It pairs perfectly with Bosch’s inverter heat pump.

For a while now, Unico has been the choice when nothing else would work. If you couldn’t install a traditional duct system and radiant heat wouldn’t work, you went with a small-duct high-velocity system. With this combination, you can bring high-efficiency heating and cooling to any application and Unico can serve as a first choice instead of a last resort.

2. Match your application to your aesthetics.

Unico’s outlets are significantly smaller and more discreet than your typical register, which is perfect for homes which value unobtrusive comfort, but it gets even better than that: Unico offers its outlets in a wide variety of finishes. These options include white, black, chrome, brass, and ten different wood options. Matching your customer’s décor is easier than ever!

3. Easy installation.

The days of regarding a Unico system as an exotic curiosity are over. There are 10,000+ of these systems installed in Chicagoland and that number grows daily. Unico has refined and streamlined the installation process for their equipment and accessories to make it more approachable than ever. And of course, if you have any questions, our staff is filled with Unico experts who are happy to help!

4. Enhanced cooling.

Unico condensers run at a lower temperature than traditional split systems. This means that your customers will be comfortable more quickly. The reduced temperature also decreases moisture in the system as an added benefit.

5. The ECM advantage.

Unico’s ECM blowers take a SDHV system from incredibly quiet to virtually silent. That’s not all though! They also improve the system’s efficiency.

6. Family-owned and operated.

HVAC is in their blood, just like Able! Another advantage of working with a family-owned manufacturer is that their first obligation is not to shareholders or profit but rather comfort.

7. Unique applications.

There are plenty of homes–especially in our area–that simply can’t support a conventional duct system. Luckily, the Unico system is versatile and adaptable enough to work pretty much anywhere. Between the small size and the flexibility, their ducting is suited for any application.

8. Responsive supply chain.

Unico is an excellent partner for a number of reasons, chief among them is how open they are. Unico frequently provides us with lead times and advance knowledge of product availability. This makes it easy for us to ensure that we are stocked and ready to deliver whatever you need.

9. Superior seal.

The highest efficiency system in the world isn’t worth much if it’s connected to a leaky duct system. With traditional ducting, up to 25% of the air being circulated can leak out, adversely affecting efficiency. By comparison, Unico’s ducts leak ~5% or only about 1/5th as much as a standard setup.

10. Chicago loves donuts.

Ok this one is a bit of a stretch, but Chicago has long been a hotbed for donut aficionados and don’t Unico outlets remind you of a donut?

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