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The Radiant Pro Panel: A Hydronic Contractor’s Best Friend

The most common hydronic job is a single-zone heat application with a condensing boiler. We see these day in, day out and even the simplest primary/secondary piping job typically requires 20+ individual components and 15+ man hours to complete. It is an intricate, intense process that requires tremendous attention to detail. Or, at least it did, until now! Able Distributors has partnered with Radiant Pro to create the “must have” item of this hydronic heating season: The Radiant Pro Panel.

The Radiant Pro Master 1 Zone Panel (H70- 1ZPANEL-3SPEED) is a single-product solution designed to provide a uniform single-zone radiant installation that is quicker and easier than the traditional method. Essentially, it’s a complete primary/secondary piping package, it includes pre-installed premium components, and it’s on a ready-to-install panel.

The Components

A Radiant Pro Panel takes the number of components in a standard single- zone job from 20+ down to one without sacrificing any quality. We designed these panels specifically for Able contractors and included premium components to ensure that every system is as reliable and effective as possible.

Below is a full list of components for the Radiant Pro Panel. [Please note that they are available with a standard 3-speed Grundfos circulator or a Grundfos Alpha2 VS ECM circulator. For the VS model, just ask for H70-1ZPANEL- ECM]

The Benefits

There’s plenty to get excited about when it comes to the RPP but let me give you the three biggest reasons right now.


With one of these panels, a contractor can install a complete primary/secondary loop in about four hours–by themselves. Four 1″ connections, one 120 V plug, and you’re ready for heating.

The Radiant Pro Panel reduces the labor required for a single-zone radiant job by up to 75%! Your time is invaluable, don’t you want more of it?


If time is the most difficult element to manage on a hydronic job, space is a close second. The Radiant Pro Panel provides perfect piping in a 24″ x 26″ x 10″ package. No surprises, no workarounds needed, just a completely consistent installation experience.


Everything you need, installed before you need it. Caleffi pump panels, Grundfos circulator pumps, Webstone isolation fittings. We designed this panel as a plug-and-play product to streamline your hydronic jobs and make your life easier.

The Bottom Line

If you like piping the same loops every day, the Radiant Pro Panel probably isn’t for you. If you don’t want to finish more jobs and earn more money, the Radiant Pro Panel probably isn’t for you. But, if you want a product that saves you time, makes your job easier, and looks great in a mechanical room, the Radiant Pro Panel is definitely for you.

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