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Rinnai: Simply the Best

It isn’t hard to see that Rinnai is our favorite tankless water heater. The reasons we love it are many: the units are incredibly powerful and incredibly efficient, Rinnai pushes the envelope when it comes to innovation, they are a responsive and agile company who cares about their customer, etc.

There is another big reason that we love Rinnai that we haven’t really dove into… until now!

Rinnai vs The World

Examined in a vacuum, Rinnai tankless water heaters are amazing.

But we don’t live in a vacuum, we live in a world with a variety of water heating options for every application.

Examined against the competition, Rinnai looks even better!

Do you prioritize consistency and power? The Demand Duo is just as strong as other units with a considerably better turndown ratio. Do you favor ease-of-installation? Rinnai supports more vent options than anyone else on both the commercial and residential sides. To give you an idea of how Rinnai stacks up against everyone else, we put together this flyer highlighting our favorite Rinnai units vs. the best the competition has to offer.

Click through the images below for a full-size look at the facts then download a copy for yourself at the bottom of this post. And keep an eye out for physical copies of these flyers hitting the branches in the coming weeks!

Download Rinnai vs. The Competition PDF Flyer

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