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Commercial Rebate Announcement + Residential Rebate Refresher

We are excited to announce that Able’s ComEd rebate program, which has already returned over two million dollars to our customers, is expanding! As of this month, we are now offering commercial rebates alongside our residential rebates. Dive into the details below and see how your business can benefit from this fantastic program.

Commercial rebates aren’t all though! This blog post also has a rundown of the latest updates and upgrades to our Rebate Hub!

Overview of ComEd Commercial Rebates

Commercial rebates are now available through Able, and they function differently from the residential rebates. It’s important to understand the distinctions and eligibility criteria to take full advantage of the rebates for your business.

What’s Different?

  • Rebates Are Not Instant: ComEd has a stricter verification process for commercial rebates which means that we cannot pay them out at the time of checkout.
  • Contractor Eligibility: Contractors must be ICC-certified.
  • Site Eligibility: The address must be zoned for commercial use.
    • The following buildings DO NOT qualify for commercial rebates: single-family homes, multi-family homes, or warehouses.

What’s the Same?

  • Equipment Eligibility: The commercial rebate program uses the same product criteria as the residential program and the same values. You can continue to use our Rebate Hub page to track eligible systems and their rebate value.

How to Apply?

If you meet all the eligibility requirements, congratulations! Your job qualifies for a commercial ComEd rebate. Be sure to compile all necessary documentation and reach out to either of our contacts to initiate the rebate process. They will guide you through the steps needed to ensure your rebate is processed smoothly.

Commercial Rebate Contacts:
Jimmy Dunn
Cell: 224-999-7023

Fred Baryla
Cell: 773-988-8279

Residential Rebate Refresher

At the beginning of this year, we launched our Rebate Hub. This page contains everything you need for ComEd residential rebates!

  1. You can check if you’re certified and learn more about the certification tests if you’re not.
  2. You can check out Able’s heat pump solutions for tried and tested system designs which can be purchased with a click.
  3. You can review all eligible combinations. Our team is in direct contact with both ComEd and the manufacturers so whenever a new combo is approved, we get it added fast.

And on the subject of our eligible equipment chart, it has been majorly upgraded! First off, it’s easier to navigate thanks to a handy green highlight that will appear automatically when you hover over a line. We also hyperlinked everything, making it easier than ever to find your products directly.

Dynamic Search Box

And saving the best for last: we added a dynamic search box!

This makes it even easier to find what you need in any situation. Some options for the search bar are:

  1. Filter by part: Do you need to find a system that utilizes a ‘BMAC2430’ coil? Just type the part number into the bar and the chart will produce a list of every system that uses that coil.
  2. Filter by product line: If narrowing by a single part is too restrictive, try searching by product line. If you only want to see systems with the latest BOVD heat pumps from Bosch, just search ‘BOVD’ and you’re good to go.
  3. ‘Heat Pump + Coil Only’ Filter: We also have a special term set up to filter out all systems that require a furnace. Just type ‘no need’ into the dynamic search bar and you’ll get a list of system that do not require a furnace to qualify for a rebate.
  4. AHRI Filter: Pretty self-explanatory, you can also search systems by their AHRI certification number.

So, to recap: our industry-leading instant residential rebate program is only getting better and more convenient for contractors and now you can also get commercial rebates at Able!

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