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Proper Indoor Air Quality Makes for A Healthy Home

You have the opportunity to improve the lives of your customers and your own bottom line in one fell swoop. This prospect is valid for residential and commercial clients. What is this magical method for promoting profits and healthy living simultaneously? Indoor air quality (and the products relating to it.)

The average human spends a staggering 90% of their time indoors. If their home or workplace do not have proper indoor air quality, they are at-risk for allergic reactions and more serious medical issues. Indoor air quality products represent line items that help you make money, but they are so much more than that. Indoor air quality, like temperature, is an essential component of comfort. It is difficult to feel at ease if one is breathing in pollutants on daily basis. When you offer IAQ solutions to your customers, you’re really offering to make their lives healthier and more comfortable.

When it comes to maintaining proper IAQ, there are three groups of pollutants that must be dealt with: particulates, gases, and bacteria. These three pollutants are responsible for allergic attacks and the spread of illness. Eliminating these contaminants leads to happy, healthy homes where everyone can breathe easy. Luckily, Able Distributors has everything you need to offer your clients the promise of good health and proper indoor air quality. By controlling the humidity, ventilation, and filtration in a home, you can eliminate existing IAQ issues and nip new ones in the bud.

Filtration is the easiest to recommend, sell, and install. Homeowners may be aware that their furnace has a filter, they may even change or clean it occasionally, but you can still offer value by providing them with a personalized, professional recommendation based on their home’s size and occupants. Maybe they’ve been swapping in the cheapest option from Home Depot when they could be enjoying cleaner air and saving in the long run with a washable or MERV option. As a contractor, you can also ensure that their equipment is calibrated properly for size and type of filters that their home needs. A good filter not only captures physical particulates, but also germs and odors, offering value in several ways.

Achieving the correct humidity rating for a building will inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, and make it difficult for mites to survive. Additionally, homeowners can expect to see energy savings, as it is easier to feel comfortable in a home with balanced humidity. Proper humidity ratings will vary by region and application, but between 40% and 60% is a good place to start. For whole home dehumidification, General Filters offers the DH70 and DH95 units.  These units are renowned for quiet, low-maintenance operation. General Filters DS Elite steam humidifiers are the perfect whole home option for adding humidity. They feature a user-friendly control interface and only require maintenance once a year. We like the DS15P or, for low-conductivity applications, the DS25LC.

Poor ventilation is perhaps the most dangerous IAQ issue. While a home can get by with bad filtration and humidity, poor ventilation can have serious and immediate effects on a person’s health. Even if the situation is not as dire as that, poor ventilation is still a bad state for a home to be in. By ensuring proper ventilation, you move harmful gases out of the home and away from the inhabitants. Fantech is the gold standard in ventilation, and they offer solutions of all shapes and sizes. Heat and energy recovery ventilators are also an excellent option for homes that need to improve their ventilation and correct their humidity levels.

Offering IAQ products to your customers is a great way to improve your bottom line, but that is hardly the only reason to do it. Improving your customer’s health and establishing yourself as a credible source of information are excellent reasons in and of themselves. If you’d like any help selecting IAQ products for a job, our friendly sales staff are always available. Just stop by local Able Distributors branch to get the ball rolling!

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