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Polish Language Literature Now Available!

Chicago, more so than any other American city, has always been the land of opportunity for Polish immigrants and Polish-American citizens. The roots of Chicago’s Polish population date back to the 19th century. Today, Polish is the third most spoken language in Chicago and up to 20% of current Chicago residents can claim some degree of Polish ancestry.

Why is this being brought up on an HVAC blog? Because HVAC, as an industry, is all about people. Able Distributors doesn’t just sell heating & cooling equipment, we equip contractors with everything they need to excel in the field. Our contractors don’t just install furnaces and condensers, they ensure that people are comfortable in their homes and businesses.

That comfort should start at the kitchen table when a contractor sits down to discuss equipment options. That’s why we’re talking about this and that’s why we’re so excited to announce that Able Distributors is now providing Polish-language copies of select HVAC literature pieces. Below, you will find a list of links to high-quality documents that have been fully translated to Polish while maintaining the branding and quality that you would expect from our excellent manufacturing partners.


Napoleon Brochures

Napoleon Ultimate 9700 Series Furnace Brochure

Napoleon 9600 Series Furnace Brochure

Napoleon 9500 Series Furnace Brochure

Napoleon NT13, NT14, and NT16 Series A/C Condenser Brochure

Napoleon Element Series Full Line Brochure

Napoleon NSDAC Series Side Discharge A/C Condenser Sell Sheet

Napoleon Feature Cards

Napoleon Ultimate 9700 Series Furnace Feature Card

Napoleon 9600 Series Furnace Feature Card

Napoleon 9500 Series Furnace Feature Card

Napoleon NT13 Series A/C Condenser Feature Card


Maytag Feature Cards

Maytag MGC2SA Series Furnace Feature Card

Maytag MGC2SD Series Furnace Feature Card

Maytag MGC2TA Series Furnace Feature Card

Maytag MGC2TC Series Furnace Feature Card

Maytag PGC2TC Series Furnace Feature Card

Maytag MSA4BD Series A/C Condenser Card

Maytag PSA4BD Series A/C Condenser Card

Maytag PSA4BE Series A/C Condenser Card

Maytag PSA4BF Series A/C Condenser Card

Maytag PSA4BG Series A/C Condenser Card


Gibson Feature Cards

Gibson KG7SA Series Furnace Feature Card

Gibson KG7SD/KG7SM Series Furnace Feature Card

Gibson KG7TC Series Furnace Feature Card

Gibson JS4BD Series A/C Condenser Feature Card

Gibson JS4BE Series A/C Condenser Feature Card

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