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Perfect Options for the Peerless Promotions

Earlier this week, we introduced you to Peerless Boilers’ Baker’s Dozen & Cash Rebate Programs. This promotion rewards contractors who purchase Peerless equipment with either vouchers for free equipment or cash rebates. In today’s blog, we’re going to be covering the benefits and advantages of some Peerless product lines available at Able that qualify for these promotions. As an added bonus, all of the lines focused on today are also available as a reward from the Baker’s Dozen program.

Series 63 & Series 64 Gas-Fired Boilers

The Series 63 and Series 64 boiler lines are perfect replacement boilers for residential and light-commercial applications. Both lines can be used with propane or natural gas, they have water and steam options at every level, and they are available as knockdown or packaged units. The product lines cover a range of capacities from 88,500 BTU all the way up to 633,000 BTU. The Series 63 models have AFUE ratings between 82% and 83.5% while Series 64 models have combustion efficiencies between 82.4% and 83%.

These series utilize natural draft venting and they feature a low-profile cabinet design, making it easy to swap them in for older existing models. They have a reliable spark ignition and an insulated jacket to prevent heat loss. All Series 63 and Series 64 boilers qualify for the Baker’s Dozen and Cash Rebate Programs and you can receive a free 63-03-SPRK-SP, 63-04-SPRK-SP, 63-03L-SPRK-SP, or 63-04L-SPRK-SP from the Baker’s Dozen Program.

Series MI Gas-Fired Boilers

Like Series 63 and Series 64 units, these models are cast-iron natural draft boilers, making them an excellent replacement option. The capacities for these models go from 70,000 BTU up to 260,000 BTU with AFUE ratings between 82% and 82.2%.

Every model is fully assembled in the Peerless factory. The cast-iron body is wrapped in a powder-coated steel jacket for insulation. A flame rollout shutoff switch, vent safety switch, and boiler reset control with LWCO are all included with every boiler to ensure safe operation.

Also included are a Taco circulator and electric vent damper, making them an excellent value. Like Series 63 boilers, Series MI boilers qualify for both promotions and can be selected as a reward from the Baker’s Dozen Program. The models that you can select as a reward are MI-03-SPRK-WPC and MI-04-SPRK-WPC.

Peerless Partner Indirect-Fired Water Heaters

Hydronic heating isn’t Peerless’s only area of expertise; their line of Peerless Partner indirect-fired water heaters is the perfect complement to any Peerless boiler install. Rather than running a separate gas-fired appliance, you can just hook a Partner up to a Peerless boiler for fast, high-efficiency water heating.

Peerless Partner water heaters have a fin-tube heat exchanger made from cupronickel. This design is utilized for its high heat transfer abilities, which translate to quick recovery rates and a healthy supply of hot water at all times. This rapid heating capacity is paired with phenomenal insulation; Peerless Partner water heaters lose less than 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit in standby.

The Partner isn’t just efficient, it’s also durable. Peerless makes the vessel with high-grade 316L stainless steel and wraps it in a scratch-resistant, rust-proof jacket. Every Partner includes a temperature and pressure relief valve, a Honeywell control, and a convenient drain tapping.

As with the above boilers, every Peerless Partner water heater sold during the Cash Rebate program can net you a $100 rebate. These units can also qualify for Baker’s Dozen program, granting a free Peerless Partner PP-40 for every 12 Peerless Partner indirect-fired water heaters sold.

Series 63 & 64 Brochure | Series MI Brochure | Peerless Partner Brochure

Peerless Baker’s Dozen/Cash Rebate Program Form

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