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Offer Total Energy Efficiency with B&G’s ecocirc Circulator Pumps

There is a simple way to distinguish yourself from the competition, increase the energy efficiency of your customers’ hydronic systems, and make your boiler installations easier than ever. No it’s not magic, all you have to do is start using Bell & Gosset’s ecocirc 19-14 auto and vario variable speed circulators. These circulators adapt to the application, making them a perfect fit in pretty much any hydronic system. These pumps offer a number of cutting edge developments in terms of technology and design that make them some of the most efficient circulators on the market today.


The ecocirc auto and ecocirc vario have some key differences, but they share much of the same design. Both are a fantastic replacement for existing induction motor pumps and both can be used as either primary or zone circulators. At the core of both models is a shaft-less spherical ECM motor utilizing permanent magnet technology. That’s a mouthful, so I’ll break it down piece-by-piece.

The ECM portion is pretty easy to figure out. Electronically commutated motors have long been the preferred choice for energy efficiency. They allow for a variety of speeds, all of which operate at high efficiency level.

Shaft-less is self-explanatory, but the advantages might not be immediately apparent. B&G elimates the shaft, shaft seals, and bearing brushings from these circulators, leaving the rotor/impeller as the only moving part.

The rotor/impeller features a spherical design with Anti-Block Technology. This allows B&G to all but guarantee that their ecocirc circulators will never block up a system.

Instead of using an inefficient input power source to magnetize the rotor, the ecocirc instead utilizes a permanent magnet motor. A microprocessor provides this motor with information necessary to ensure performance is optimized. This motor design also offers significantly improved starting torque in comparison to dated induction motor designs.

Additionally, both the ecocirc auto and ecocirc vario feature a screw ring design which allows you to rotate the pump motor into a position that best suits the installation location and application. Both models also have a step-less speed dial which features an LED to relay status information and aid in troubleshooting. The final similarity is in the automatic protections B&G employs. The auto and vario circulators feature over-current and dry-run protection to prevent the circulator from operating in dangerous conditions.


The primary difference in the two models is their control logic. In the vario, constant curve control is employed. This means that the pump follows the natural hydraulic curve and functions much in the same way as a 3-speed circulator pump. However, with the step-less speed dial, you have unlimited speed control of the circulator.

The ecocirc auto was designed to play nice in systems with zone and thermostatic valves. To this end, B&G developed a proportional pressure control logic. The speed of the pump is varied depending on the demand present in the system. The adjustable dial allows you to set the curve and, since valves will be opening or closing in concert with demand changes, the auto has no problem working in unison with them.

These pumps streamline the design of hydronic systems and reduce energy consumption. They improve the consistency of comfort for your customers and the ease of maintenance for you. The ecocirc auto and ecocirc vario have the potential to improve your life and the lives of your customers. They’re not magic, but they might as well be.

From now until March 31st, 2016, all qualifying NTI boiler purchases will include a free B&G ecocirc vario circulator pump. To learn more, just check out our promotions page!

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