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Maytag and Gibson are among our most popular brands here at Able Distributors, and for good reason. Both of these Nordyne brands offer long-lasting products that will keep your customers comfortable and content for years to come. In today’s blog, we are going to take a look at Gibson’s JS4BE and Maytag’s PSA4BE 14+ SEER central air-conditioning condensers.

We’ll be covering these condensers special features, what sets the two lines apart from one another, and how to design an Energy Star qualified system with these units.

There are plenty of reasons for contractors to recommend Maytag and Gibson condensers. Both the JS4BE and PSA4BE product lines offer design elements that improve the installation and service processes. These condensers feature a removable top grille assembly as well as compressor and controller access panels. These provide quick access to the condenser’s most important components during installation and service calls. The JS4BE and PSA4BE condensers also include an auto-reset high-pressure switch, saving you the trouble of driving out every time the switch is flipped.

A permanently lubricated motor is employed in the fans of these central condensers. These motors are renowned for being a reliable, low-maintenance fan motor option. The JS4BE and PSA4BE both feature liquid line filter drier and one-piece top, which improve system reliability and reduce system noise, respectively. The final similarity of note lays in the condenser coil design. Maytag and Gibson both opted for an all-aluminum micro-channel coil. This provides their condensers with excellent heat transfer capabilities and superior resistance to corrosion.

While there are many similarities between these two lines, the Maytag PSA4BE offers a handful of upgrades not found in Gibson’s JS4BE. Both lines pass a 950-hour salt spray test before shipping out, but while the JS4BE utilizes galvanized steel, the PSA4BE features stainless steel, as well as additional silicone protection. The PSA4BE also includes a compressor sound blanket and features swept wing fan blades, both of which lower the unit’s noise levels. Finally, the PSA4BE has a CoreSense control module that monitors and protects the compressor.

As 14+ SEER condensers, the JS4BE and PSA4BE meet the minimum efficiency standards in any region with the right system design. Even better is that these condensers make it easy to find an Energy Star rated combination for your client’s application. Both of these product lines provide Energy Star opportunities whether you need to match with an air handler or with a coil and furnace. For a full listing of Energy Star combinations, just plug your desired model number into the AHRI’s CEE Qualified Equipment Search.

Whether you’re staring down the barrel of a full forced air renovation or just working with a homeowner who wants more efficient comfort, Maytag and Gibson have the options you need to secure the customer. In addition to providing durable, efficient equipment, these companies also back their products with exceptional warranties. Gibson has a 10 year warranty while Maytag covers their products for 12 years when they are registered, giving you and your customer a decade of comfort and peace of mind.

To place an order for Maytag or Gibson equipment, just contact your local Able Distributors branch. Our sales staff will help you find what you’re looking for!

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