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This Winter has been a busy one at Able Distributors. Hopefully, you didn’t miss regular blog posts too much. The good news is that they’re back with a vengeance. Today, I’m going to be running down some of the latest additions from to our catalog courtesy of Bosch and NTI as well as an exciting cash-back opportunity from Rinnai.

Stand and Deliver

Some homes can’t support a wall-mount installation, but all homes deserve the efficiency and power of an NTI boiler, what is a contractor to do?

Luckily, NTI has updated and upgraded their galvanized floor stands for the newest condensing models. These new stands–86998 and 86999–work with TRX and new production Tft models. All the details on what fits where are just below!

Floor Stand 86998
Compatible with models TRX085 through TRX199(C)
Compatible with models Tft60 through Tft285**
**Serial Number 153063 or later. Earlier units use the pre-existing models.

Floor Stand 86999
Compatible with models Tft340 through Tft399**
**Serial Number 2109222038157799 or later. Earlier units use the pre-existing models.

Updating an Old Favorite

With IDS 2.0 on our shelves, you’ll be forgiven if you thought IDS 1.0 was being phased out. There is a phase out happening, but there’s also a phase in. That’s right, the IDS 1.0 BOVA models are being replaced by new BOVB units.

This means that heat pumps are still a viable option for homes for that can’t or won’t pay for a top-of-the-line 20+ SEER IDS 2.0 system. The BOVB models feature a handful of tweaks that differentiate them from the BOVAs. Just keep reading to learn everything that’s new!

BOVB Differences:

Updated Cabinet Design – The BOVB models borrow the sleek, premium appearance of the IDS 2.0 condenser.  Trading in the BOVA’s beige for a grey and silver combo that looks great anywhere.

Single-Board Design + Updated Software – Both models are running the latest update of Bosch’s IDS software and the 5.0-ton BOVB condenser now utilizes a single-board design as opposed to the two-board BOVA.

New Ports – The BOVB condensers include a reserved wi-fi port and a PEV port.

Pressure Equalization Valve – The combination of a PEV port and software upgrade allows the BOVB condenser to use a pressure equalization valve to improve system reliability by managing pressure prior to the activation of the compressor.

Rebates from Rinnai

From now until the end of March, Rinnai is running rebates on Demand Duo models. There is also a rebate for SENSEI venting available through the end of June.

Demand Duo Water Heaters – It is hardly a secret that, when it comes to commercial water heaters, we love to recommend the Demand Duo. The combination of a powerful tankless heater with a robust storage tank means coverage for every application. And now through the end of March, every Demand Duo comes with $150 cash back. This is good for any units purchased between January 1st, 2021 and March 31st, 2021.

You have until April 15th to file your claims.

Demand Duo Rebate Flyer

Demand Duo Claim Submission Page

SENSEI Concentric Venting – We know that concentric venting applications tend to be few and far between, but if you have the opportunity to take one this Spring, Rinnai will reward you. Every time you purchase a SENSEI water heater and a Ubbink 2×4 concentric vent termination at the same time, you’ll be eligible for a $75 rebate. Purchases made between January 1st, 2021 and June 30th, 2021 qualify and you have until July 31st, 2021 to file the claim.

SENSEI + Concentric Rebate Flyer

SENSEI + Concentric Claim Submission Page

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