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NAVAC – Superior HVAC Tools | Part One

NAVAC Inc. is the world’s largest supplier of a wide array of HVAC tools such as vacuum pumps, gauges, charging machines, and other industry-specific items. NAVAC Inc. is also the newest brand in the Able Distributors catalog and we couldn’t be more excited.

To be honest with you, we have been doing this for 40 years and it’s never really felt like we had a line of pro tools that spoke to us–that suited Able as a company. With NAVAC, that has changed.

They are obsessed building HVAC tools that are lighter, faster, and more accurate than anything you have seen before. The way they are manufactured and designed, the attention to detail, and the precise thought behind these tools is something special.

We’re going to be introducing the line over the course of two blog posts. Today’s largely covers digital tools including vacuum pumps, a Bluetooth scale, and a recovery machine. Next week, we’ll focus on hand tools.

NAVAC NRP6Di Vacuum Pump

Every contractor needs a vacuum pump but not every vacuum pump is created equally. As NAVAC puts it in their own literature: the era of smart refrigerant evacuation begins with the combination of inverter, vacuum measurement and smart control in one unit.

  • High-speed evacuation
  • Twin-cylinder design for high ultimate vacuum
  • Vacuum measurement technology provides a precise system pressure reading
  • Digital display communicates comprehensive internal vacuum conditions
  • Built-in solenoid prevents oil back flow and seals system to pressure
  • Loud “beep” alerts technician that evacuation is complete
  • Large oil tank – 20oz capacity
  • ¾ HP | 6 CFM | 15-micron ultimate vacuum

You spend a lot of time with your vacuum pump, make sure that time is quality with the NAVAC NRP6Di Smart Vacuum Pump.

NAVAC NP4DP Vacuum Pump

Even the regular can be extraordinary. Some would consider the NP4DP to be a standard vacuum pump offering but, compared to the rest of the industry, it is revolutionary.

  • Twin-cylinder design for high ultimate vacuum
  • Forced oil circulation
  • Large oil tank – 20oz capacity
  • ¾ HP | 4 CFM | 15-micron ultimate vacuum

NRRD Recovery Unit

Beautifully designed and lightning quick. Lugging your recovery machine in and out of your truck, up and down ladders, and into the tight corners where condensing units live is never fun. NAVAC empowers you to work smarter and the NRRD recovery machine is no exception.

  • 1-key operation for ease of use
  • Self-Purge that helps prevent mixing of different refrigerants
  • Twin-cylinder design to help drive fast refrigerant recovery
  • Oil-free compressor is designed to work with all commonly used refrigerants
  • Did we mention how light it was? Only 30 lbs!
  • 1 HP | R-410A Recovery Rates (lbs/min): Direct Vapor: 0.33, Direct Liquid: 5.64, Push/Pull Liquid: 16.71

NVR1 Valve Core Removal Tool

A simple, smart, and versatile core removal tool done right is a thing of beauty. The NVR1 is designed for use with R-410A systems and is compatible with both 1/4″ and 5/16″ flare fittings.

NMV1 Micron Vacuum Gauge

Precision is the name of the game­; it’s what NAVAC lives for. This gauge employs a Pirani high-precision vacuum sensor for precise vacuum measurement.

  • Digital display for optimal view of vacuum conditions
  • Buzzer to alert technician when preset vacuum levels are achieved
  • Warning buzzer and flashing backlight if vacuum levels indicate a leak
  • Range: 0~10000Pa | 0~100.00mBar | 0~75.000mmHg | 0~75000Microns
  • Resolution: 0.01(10Pa) | 0.0001(10mBar) | 0.0001(10mmHg) | 1(30000Microns)
  • Accuracy: 2~100Pa: ±5% of reading (at 68F)

NRS2i01 Wireless Refrigerant Scale.

The scale you didn’t know that you need! Precise and portable refrigerant charging utilizing Bluetooth technology (the first of its kind!) The connection between the NAVAC handheld device and charging scale allows you to perform other tasks while charging the system.

  • Magnesium alloy weighing pan and ergonomic portable design makes this a breeze to handle
  • Portable Bluetooth display includes a buzzer alert when the charge is within 2 oz. of your setting
  • Automatically stops charging when it reaches your set level
  • Large backlit display for ease of measurement
  • Range: 220 lbs. | Accuracy: 0.05%

Join us next week as we finish our introduction to NAVAC and be sure to keep an eye on the Able blog for the latest on our new products, specials, and everything else!

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