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Napoleon Re-Invents the Furnace

The Napoleon Ultimate 9700 Series furnace features a tagline of “The Furnace Re-Invented”. When we first saw it, we were skeptical of the claim to have reinvented a device that has existed for decades. However, after spending some time with the units, we’re definitely on board. Napoleon hasn’t changed the basic functionality of providing heat, but they’ve certainly updated and added enough to the Ultimate 9700 Series to defend their claim.

The New Stuff

Napoleon was in the gas-fired appliance game before producing furnaces, but they didn’t enter the marketplace with an HVAC background. This freed them from the preconceptions to which many manufacturers have bound themselves for product cycle after product cycle. With fresh eyes and big ideas, Napoleon set about introducing several design elements that could very well become common place on furnaces in the years to come.

We’ll start at the top, literally, with the SureView burner system. This small window near the top of the furnace serves two major purposes. The SureView window allows at-a-glance diagnostics of the ignition system and it also makes the furnace look awesome. That second part is only kind of a joke. While most folks aren’t buying HVAC equipment based on aesthetics, Napoleon is the only company going out of their way to make a furnace with a unique look that instantly distinguishes it from the competition.


The cabinet interior is the next area where we can find Napoleon innovation. Napoleon added two sets of lights within the cabinet–one for contractors and on for homeowners. For contractors, they can enjoy automatic LED cabinet lighting that activates whenever the door is opened. For homeowners, an internal HomeShield UV light within the cabinet handles air purification without the need for an additional device.


Finally, to ensure whisper quiet operation, Napoleon introduced Silentcore technology. This insulation system makes the Ultimate 9700 Series the only line of furnaces featuring four sides of insulation.

Ultimate Optimization

The Ultimate 9700 Series furnace isn’t just about additions, it’s also about optimization. One look at the 97% AFUE rating is all you need to know that.

How did Napoleon optimize the Ultimate 9700? Well, for starters they redesigned the heat exchanger. They started with the excellent tubular triple-pass heat exchanger design which is excellent for maximizing heat transfer and then they added their patented Vortex Turbulator. This agitates the flue gases as they pass through it, increasing the amount of time that they spend within the heat exchanger and the amount of heat extracted from the gases.

The Bottom Line

When it comes equipment like a furnace, change is usually incremental. A modification here, a part revision there. , and that’s why were so proud to be the exclusive supplier of Napoleon products for the Chicagoland area!

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