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Major Online Shopping Upgrades

It has been about half a year since we launched and in that time we have made some significant improvements to the shopping experience. Based off of feedback from you, our contractors, the site has been tweaked and upgraded to be faster and easier to use. For a full rundown of the improvements that we have made, just keep reading!

Better, Stronger, Faster

The Able webstore has been thoroughly optimized to reduce loading times or, to put it more plainly, the store goes REALLY fast now.

Check out how quickly it loads ‘Boilers’, one of our largest categories.

Before, links took a few seconds to load and you would frequently encounter a loading icon between pages. Both of those are no longer the case. Our tech team has worked tirelessly to make the Able online experience as streamlined as possible without sacrificing any of the features you count on.

Product pages now appear almost instantaneously and navigating through everything from categories to solutions is a seamless process. We know how valuable your time is and now you’ll have even more of it thanks to the new turbo-charged Able shop.

Branch Inventory Breakdown

We have also upgraded the product stock display to include a rundown of the stock levels at individual branches. Previously, it only displayed the total stock across all locations.

Of course, we have next business day pickup at all branches but if you need a part in a pinch, you can now see which branch has one without calling in and buy it for it for same-day pickup.

Improved Search and Display

This is an ongoing project but there has been tremendous progress since launch. Basically, we are going through our catalog product by product and rewriting the display names to include the information that is most important to you. This makes it significantly easier to find the products you are looking for quickly. We are also adding new product filters as well, which allow you narrow down an entire category or products in a single click.

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