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Introducing Unico Twist-Fit!

It is no secret that when it comes to small-duct, high-velocity (SDHV) air systems, we love Unico. They are an Illinois company who works with small distributors and they make quality products that work well in a variety of applications. Now there is another reason to love Unico: they have completely revamped their duct connection system!

For the past few years, Unico has been focusing on upgrading their equipment. Whether it was the iSeries or ECM upgrades to their line, Unico found ways to increase the efficiency and efficacy of their products.

Now, they are turning their attention to ease-of-installation. If jobs are faster and easier, you can fit more into your day. One of the most time-intensive aspects of SDHV installations is the tubing. Luckily, Unico has a solution: The Twist-Fit system!

Twist-Fit is a relatively simple idea executed elegantly. To reduce installation speed by as much as 50%, Unico has added lock-and-release tabs to their sound attenuator and aluminum supply tubing. This system allows you to connect tubing to take-offs, registers, and additional tubing quickly and easily. To securely connect a Twist-Fit coupling, all you have to do is line up the tabs and twist clockwise! Coupling are installed and secured with foil tape at the factory, so all you have to do is line things up and twist.

If you’re already installing Unico product, you’ll see the Twist-Fit system in action the next time you pick up from Able as we are now stocking exclusively Twist-Fit items. If you’ve been holding off on getting into the SDHV game because you were concerned about installation, this is the perfect opportunity to jump in! Just ask your local Able salesperson for help.

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