Introducing Shurtape: The Rest of the Best

Last week, we introduced you to Shurtape and the new items in our catalog. Today, we will be going over the tapes in our catalog that have been replaced by Shurtape products as well as the basics. All told, there are an additional dozen Shurtape products.

EV 057B Electrical Tape – T15-ELECT

We mentioned this tape yesterday while discussing the EV 077C electrical tape. This tape has a lower tensile strength, but it is perfectly suitable for most applications. The service temperature range on the EV 057B series is only 32° to 176° F, so it should not be used in applications below freezing.

PC 609 Duct Tape – T15-DUCT-[B/G/S]

If the camouflage duct tape we debuted yesterday is too flashy for you, then PC 609 is another option. This durable cloth duct tape is waterproof and rated for use in temperatures between 25° and 200° F. We are selling this duct tape in black, silver, and metallic colors.

T-Rex PC 745 Heavy-Duty Duct Tape

PC 609 is a great duct tape but if you need something that’s even stronger, you need T-Rex tape. Specifically, PC 745 heavy-duty duct tape. PC 745 can be used in temperatures between 32° and 200° F, making it slightly worse in freezing conditions than the prior line. In exchange for those seven degrees, PC 745 enjoys a tensile strength of 50 pounds per inch, double that of the standard duct tape.

T-Rex Waterproof Tape

This might the toughest tape we have ever encountered. T-Rex Waterproof Tape is an ideal do-it-all tape for repairs of all sorts and sizes. The waterproof in the name is actually underselling this tape, it doesn’t just prevent water penetrating the seal, it can actually be applied underwater thanks to an extra-strength butyl adhesive.

In addition to being waterproof, it is basically weatherproof as well. This tape withstands temperatures ranging from -70° all the way up to 200° F and doesn’t break down in direct UV light. Finally, the backing is designed using R-Flex Technology which allows t to stretch up to 7x the original length without losing conformability or weakening the bond.

AF 914CT Aluminum Foil Tape – T15-ALUMINUM-[2/3]

The CT stands for “cold temperature” and for good reason. This aluminum foil tape can withstand temperature down to -20° F and all the way up to 260 ° F. AF 914 CT tape also resists water, smoke, and odor, making it perfect for sealing metal ductwork. Finally, this tape is built to last both before and after application; it has an extended shelf life and an indefinite product life.

AF 099 UL-Listed Aluminum Foil Tape – T15-ALUMINUM-UL2-1/2

If you’re looking for an upgraded aluminum foil tape, look no further. AF 099 has the same broad service temperature range but it’s nearly twice as strong and UL181A-P and UL181B-FX listed.

In addition to excelling in sheet metal applications like Shurtape’s other foil tape, this line is also designed for use with fiberglass ducting and flexible air duct, with improved adhesion.

VP 410 Line Set Tape – T15-DUCT-W

Line set tape isn’t the sexiest product, but Shurtape’s offering is still impressive. This utilitarian tape offers basic UV and moisture resistance and may be deployed in temperatures between 20° and 140° F.

Available in white.

SF 686 ShurMASTIC Butyl Foil Tape – T15-MASTIC-TAPE

SF 686 or ShurMASTIC is, you guessed it, a mastic tape. Designed for sealing flex and metal duct or as a substrate with PVC duct. The butyl adhesive resists drying out, ensuring a strong and lasting bond that can withstand temperatures down to -20° F and up to 200° F.

This UL181B-FX-listed tape is water resistant and paintable.

AF 984CT FSK Tape – T15-FSK-3

When it comes to FSK tape, you’re looking for a strong bond that withstand extreme temperatures, and that’s just what Shurtape provides. In fact, AF 984CT employs a permanent acrylic adhesive that withstands temperatures from -20° to 260° F. Take a minute to appreciate how impressive that is, then grab some Shurtape FSK tape for your truck.

DC 181 UL-Listed Flex Duct Tape

Last but not least, we have Shurtape DC 181 foil tape. This is an UL-181B-FX tape designed for use with flex duct. This metallic tape endures temperatures of -10° to 210° F. To ensure a strong attachment in a variety of circumstances, DC 181 flex duct tape is highly conformable. This means that it doesn’t need a flat surface to produce a lasting bond.

Don’t forget that you can check out all Shurtape products from Able on our online catalog.

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