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Fujitsu Live Web Training – Last Free Classes of 2020

The Fujitsu Training Academy offers online courses as a safe and convenient way to familiarize yourself with their products and expand your expertise. These classes are free, you just need to register using the links below. There are a variety of different courses available, making it easy to find one that suits you no matter your expertise.

Fujitsu Tech 101

Whether you’re just getting started in ductless or you want a quick refresher, the Fujitsu Tech 101 courses are your best friend. Consisting of two three-hour sessions, FT101 covers everything from applications to installation to function. A properly-installed system will be more reliable, it will be more efficient, and will provide superior comfort. These classes also cover a range of common field issues.

The 2nd FT101 course goes into further detail on the components of the equipment and how it interacts before covering service and maintenance.

Fujitsu Tech 101 Session 1 – 12.15.20 – Noon to 3PM – Registration Link

Fujitsu Tech 101 Session 2 – 12.16.20 – Noon to 3PM – Registration Link

Top 10 Installation Issues

This is a two-hour class that provides insight and advice regarding complications that you might encounter installing a ductless system. This course focuses on startup and post-installation scenarios.

Top 10 Installation Issues – 12.14.20 – Noon to 2PM – Registration Link

What’s New Fujitsu

If our blog posts weren’t enough for you, you can get even more detail on this years product line expansions from What’s New Fujitsu. This class is only one hour long but it covers the RGLX, LMAS, LZAS, and LZAH systems.

What’s New Fujitsu – 12.17.20 – Noon to 1PM – Registration Link

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