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Fujitsu Elite Contractor Program 2017

Fujitsu has just updated their Elite Contractor program for 2017 and it includes exciting, new benefits and an easier path to Elite status. Check out all of the details below or grab the official documents at the bottom of this post!


To become an Elite Contractor for Fujitsu, you’ll need to satisfy two prerequisites:

  1. Achieve a minimum of 20 training points.
  2. Achieve a minimum of 20 registration points.

That’s it!

Fujitsu dropped the minimum number of points required down to 40 from last year’s requirement of 50, so once you hit those minimums, you’ve qualified!

Training points expire after two years while registration points reset each year. Elite status is good for one year. To ensure that your Elite status doesn’t lapse, you just need to make sure you’re at those 20/20 minimums by the anniversary of your original qualification date.

Earning Points

Training Points – These are earned through official Fujitsu training sessions. Each eight-hour class that you take is good for a maximum of 5 points based on your score.

Test Score Training Points
95-100% Five Points
90-94% Four Points
85-89% Three Points
80-84% Two Points
75-79% One Point

You may also complete Fujitsu online courses as a pass/fail training session. Passing an online course awards one training point.

Registration Points – These are very straight forward: you earn one registration point for every single-phase condenser that you purchase and register online and four registration points for every three-phase condenser that you purchase and register online.

Two Quick Points for Contractors Concerned About the Requirements:

Even if you don’t think you can complete the 20 points of required training or product registration for Elite status, you can still receive very important perks from Fujitsu.

  1. Contractors that achieve six training points (and attend a minimum of one in-person training course) qualify to be listed as an official Fujitsu contractor on the Fujitsu website. This means that whenever a homeowner uses the Fujitsu site to search for an installer in Chicagoland, your company’s contact info will be front and center.
  2. You should always register the Fujitsu systems that you install. Any contractor can do this, they just need to create a Fujitsu contractor account. Registered systems have their warranty extended to 10 years for the compressor and the parts.
  3. When you register an online contractor account on Fujitsu’s website, you’ll gain access to their digital Contractor Toolbox, the benefits of which are detailed below.

Again, these are free options available to all licensed contractors. If you’re an Elite contractor, you get an exclusive 12/12 warranty and preferential listing, giving you a leg up when it comes to distinguishing themselves and establishing their credentials


We’ve already covered some of the perks, but here is a complete listing of the benefits for Elite Contractors.

  1. Online Contractor Toolbox – This includes an online lead management system, a Halcyon sales slideshow, an online load calculator, easy access to training forms and troubleshooting guides, and sales tools such as brochures, truck stickers, print ad designs, and DVDs.
  2. Exclusive Elite Warranty – 12-year compressor coverage & 12-year parts coverage
  3. Loyalty Rewards – This is a newly-expanded benefit for the Elite program and it allows contractors to accumulate marketing funds at the rate of $1.50/per 1,000 BTU installed. That’s $18.00 for every one-ton system up to $72.00 per four-ton system. Previously, these rewards could be spent on marketing materials and apparel from Fujitsu’s brand store. You can still buy those great items, but now you also have the option of using this funding for pre-approved marketing and advertising campaigns and materials.
  4. Consumer Leads + Priority Online Listing – These benefits make it easier than ever for you to reach new customers.
  5. Complimentary Tuition – A free two-day, in-person training course for one employee valued at $850+
  6. Regional Elite Contractor Meetings – These gatherings provide you with exclusive sales training and tools to build your business. You can also voice suggestions for future Fujitsu design revisions and new products!

The Bottom Line

Whether you already move a lot of Fujitsu product or you’re looking to break into the brand, this program offers immense benefits for simply purchasing and learning about Fujitsu mini split systems.

Remember, if the Elite requirements are a bit steep for your business, you can still enjoy some great perks courtesy of Fujitsu. All contractors qualify for the 10/10 warranty extension provided that they create an account on Fujitsu’s website and register their systems and anyone who completes six points worth of training (one in-person session required) can apply to be listed as an official Fujitsu contractor on their online contractor search.

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Fujitsu Elite Contractor Program Brochure | Fujitsu Elite Contractor Program Loyalty Rewards Guidelines

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