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Forced Air Rebates

Oftentimes homeowners are amenable to the idea of energy–efficient equipment that can save them money in the long term, but wary of the higher upfront cost. This delicate situation can work out in everyone’s best interests thanks to a multitude of available rebates from Chicagoland utility companies. Designing a system to take advantage of these rebate opportunities can be taxing; you need to compare the equipment to which you have access with three different energy companies programs. Luckily, here at Able Distributors, we have designed several easy-to-digest resources that list qualifying systems and the values of the rebates that they can earn. Below is a quick rundown of the different ways you can upgrade your customer’s comfort while saving them money:

Cooling Only
Gibson Complete System
Gibson Furnaces
Maytag Furnaces
Maytag 20 Seer Condensers
Maytag 16 Seer Condensers
Maytag 14 Seer Condensers

To view a full list of Able Distributors qualifying systems, just visit our online rebates folder.
To place an order for a qualifying system, just contact your local Able Distributors branch!

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