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Don’t get caught breaking International Mechanical Code – Get the A/C Easy Tee

Make Drain Line Cleaning Easy

The A/C Easy Tee is a simple, inexpensive way to comply with International Mechanical Code M32-12. It provides a condensate drain service port that is flexible and easy to use with nitrogen, water, or a shop vac. A/C Easy Tee has no valve or moving parts that could fail.

Simple Design

The A/C Easy Tee Service Port is a compact, simple design with no moving parts. Small, fiddly parts can and will fail. The Easy Tee has a simple cap that screws off for easy access to the condensate drain line.

Flexible To Use

The A/C Easy Tee can be installed in many different ways. There is no designated inlet or outlet. Both connections can be either. The Service Tool Kit can be used with water or nitrogen to blow out a condensate drain line. It can also be used with a wet/dry vac to suck dirt, debris and gunk out of a primary drain pan.

No Drain Blockage

Featuring a simple, easy design without flappers or ball valves like other products. Flappers and ball valves can fail or be left closed in the drain line.


Prevent Nuisance Call Backs

The A/C Easy Tee gives you a solid connection to the drain line. Get the line cleaned out correctly, the first time. Make sure you don’t have a nuisance call back that you can’t charge for. Save your time and get it done right with the best tool available.

Code Required – Effective July 1,2015.

A Service Port – also called a Cleanout – is required by code (IMC – M32-12). Don’t get your jobs red tagged by code inspectors. Install an A/C Easy Tee.

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