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Convenience & Comfort: Napoleon Condo Packs

We’ve been on the Napoleon train for two years now and it is only picking up speed. Contractors and homeowners alike love the Ultimate 9700 and now we’re expanding our catalog to include Napoleon products for a new type of space: multi-family buildings. Napoleon has a robust line of condo packs that have been revised and revamped to fit the needs of contractors and building owners and now we’ll be stocking them at Able. Why did we decide to start stocking condo packs? Read on to find out!

The Basics

We will be stocking Napoleon’s PSS Series condo packs. These are mid-efficiency gas heating & electric cooling models. The heating module is designed around a stainless-steel heat exchanger that provides 80% efficient heating while the cooling module features a 10.8 EER scroll compressor.

We will be stocking the following sizes:

38,000 BTU Heating – 1.5-Ton Cooling
51,000 BTU Heating – 1.5-Ton Cooling
51,000 BTU Heating – 2.0-Ton Cooling
64,000 BTU Heating – 2.5-Ton Cooling

Additional sizes, custom colors, and other lines may be special ordered.

Ease of Installation

The major selling point when it comes to Napoleon condo packs is the fact that they are incredibly easy to install, maintain, and service. This means that, whether you’re attending to a single unit’s pack or handling dozens of installations for new construction, the job will be quick and efficient. Let’s look at some of the ways that Napoleon has improved the accessibility and install-ability of their condo packs.

  1. Modular Design – Napoleon Condo Packs feature a three-piece design which allows them to be moved easily.
  2. Dual Slide-Out Chassis – This means that you can remove either module independently for service, maintenance, or replacement. You can even keep a spare module on hand for no-heat calls.
  3. Front Facing Parts & All Indoor Access – The Condo Pack is designed to allow easy accessibility and quick servicing.
  4. Quick Disconnects – You don’t have to worry about rewiring every time they pull a module out.
  5. Easily Sleeved – A Napoleon Condo Pack can be installed in most existing sleeves and includes handholds to make inserting and removing the unit safe and easy.
  6. All Parts Included – Napoleon Condo Packs includes isolation grommets, electrical junction boxes, drain pans, and gas nipples. Magic-Paks don’t have any of those things.

The Bottom Line

Napoleon makes the best forced-air products on the market; that’s as true for their condo packs as it is for the Ultimate 9700. The design, the durability, and the attention to detail are all without peer. Napoleon evens offers a significantly better warranty than the competition: 20 years on the heat exchanger and a 10-year full module replacement on the compressor. When it comes to any multi-family application, you want Napoleon on the job site with you.

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