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Connected Control – Fujitsu’s Wi-Fi Options

One of the best things about Fujitsu as a company is their tireless dedication to innovation. There is no shortage of reasons to love their mini splits, but that hasn’t stopped Fujitsu from adding new features and refining existing ones year-after-year. In today’s blog, we’re going to be looking at Fujitsu’s options for Wi-Fi control–a favorite feature for many homeowners.

No Accessories Needed

The first products we’ll be looking at are Fujitsu’s new wall-mounted single-zone product lines: RLS3Y and RLS3HY.

These lines are based on Fujitsu’s premier RLS3 line and are available in 9,000 BTU, 12,000 BTU, and 15,000 BTU models. Like the RLS3 lines, these models are extremely efficient. SEER ratings range from 25.3 to 33.0 and HSPF ratings are as high as 14.2. THE RLS3HY series possesses the same XLTH technology as the existing RLS3H units, meaning that you can count on them for heating when it is as low as -15 degrees Fahrenheit.

They also feature all of the additional operating modes that you’ve come to love in Fujitsu mini splits. These include Energy Saving Program for high-efficiency operations, Quiet Mode for virtually silent operations, and Dry Mode for dehumidifying operations.

While all of these features are absolutely fantastic, the reason we’re talking about them today is Fujitsu’s FGLair app. These indoor units are all equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities and can be controlled remotely using FGLair without any additional equipment or accessories. If you’ve got a wireless router in your home, you’re good to go for controlling your comfort through a smartphone or tablet.


Using FGLair, you can adjust the temperature, operating mode, fan speed, louver direction, and timer. If you have multiple compatible units in your home, you can easily switch between them for complete control.

Enhancing Existing Units

If you’re looking for Wi-Fi control but you don’t want to replace your existing units, Fujitsu has you covered. They have two Wi-Fi device options that can easily add Wi-Fi control to your mini split.

When installed with a Fujitsu system, these devices allow you to use the IntesisHome app to control your comfort. These devices also allow you to use a standard web browser on a computer to adjust your unit.

For wall-mounted and floor-mounted systems, the Fujitsu FJ-IR-WIFI-1NA device will provide a straightforward, wireless solution.

For ducted units and cassettes, the FJ-RC-WIFI-1NA wired module will connect your unit to the internet.

RSLX, RULX, and AUU*RLF units can use either device without any additional required parts.


Download Links

FGLair iOS App

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Fujitsu Wi-Fi Devices Sell Sheet

IntesisHome iOS App

IntesisHome Android App

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