Break-n-Lube: Four Great Functions, One Convenient Can

We’ve sung Nu-Calgon’s praises in the past and with good reason. They produce essential products designed for the rigors of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning work. Many of their products have a mass-market analog available, but we’re fans of using the best tools available. In today’s blog, we’re going to be diving into what makes Break-n-Lube our lubricant of choice.

Break-n-Lube’s greatest strength is its versatility. The product promises 4-in-1 action and it delivers. We’re going to get into what each of those actions is in a second, but first I want to focus on a pair of details regarding usability.

  1. Break-n-Lube is usable in temperatures ranging from freezing all the way up to 500° Fahrenheit.
  2. Break-n-Lube has a 360˚ spray valve that allows it to be used in any position.

Most people don’t need a lubricant that can be easily applied in any conditions. If you’re loosening a bolt in your garage, it doesn’t matter if WD-40 works in 400-degree heat. If you’re fixing a squeaky hinge in your home, chances are you don’t need a spray that works upside down. But HVAC contractors face demanding applications and their professional reputation relies on providing the right solutions.

Now, onto the 4-in-1 action!

  1. Moisture Displacement

Break-n-Lube dries out mechanisms, metals, and other surfaces. It also has a dielectric strength above 19,000 volts.

  1. Penetration

Break-n-Lube is designed to have ultra-low surface tension. This makes it easy for Break-n-Lube to break through rust, ice, oil, and corrosion.

  1. Lubrication

Break-n-Lube is formulated with Cerflon, which reduces friction and improves heat resistance, allowing Break-n-Lube to provide greaseless lubrication for intricate applications.

  1. Protection

After application, Break-n-Lube inhibits corrosion and prevents the formation of rust.

The sum of these functions is a non-drying lubricant that can handle the toughest applications without faltering. It not only attacks issues like rust and corrosion, but it provides a defense against their return. It not only lubricates, it drives moisture out and improves heat resistance.

We know that space–on your truck and in your tool box–is at a premium. Don’t you want a lubrication solution that does more than just lubricate? We know that contractors are among the hardest working people in Chicago. Don’t you need a product that is formulated and designed to work in any conditions? Nu-Calgon knows you do, that’s why they make Break-n-Lube. And we know you do, that’s why we carry it.

Nu-Calgon Break-N-Lube Product Sheet

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