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Unico Preferred Contractor Program


If you sell and install Unico products, we’ve got the perfect promotion for you!

The Unico Preferred Contractor (UPC) Program is completely free to contractors and provides several unique benefits.

Warranty Extensions

As a preferred contractor, you are eligible to extend the warranty of complete (blower + coil) Unico systems to 15 years. This extension is valid on all Unico equipment including coil modules, blower modules, supply tubing, outlets, and iSeries units.

System Rebates

When you’re filling out the paperwork for the extended warranty, be sure to fill out a rebate application form as well. For every Unico system that you install with a 15-year warranty in a calendar year, you will receive a $100 equipment credit toward next year’s Unico purchases. Install 10 systems in 2017? You’ll have a $1,000 credit waiting for you at Able during Q1 of 2018.

Free Listings & Leads

Every Unico Preferred Contractor is added to Unico’s online contractor finder tool. The Contractor Finder sees more than 4,000 visitors per month, all of whom are interested in getting a Unico system. Your information will also be added to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry directory, giving you an in with general contractors and other remodeling professionals.

Unico Support Staff

Unico’s sales & customer service departments are at your disposal. You’ll have access to Unico experts and design services to help ensure that your leads are being converted to clients.

How to Register

Becoming a Unico Preferred Contractor is easy! All you have to do is fill out the online form at this location.

Once you are a preferred contractor, you can register installed systems at this link. This will extend the warranty to 15 years and provide proof of purchase for your equipment credit. Check out the resources below and register today to start earning rebates for 2018!

Unico Preferred Contractor System Registration Brochure

Unico Preferred Contractor Brochure

UPC Extended Warranty Brochure

UPC Contractor Finder Registration Form

UPC Warranty Extension & Rebate Physical Form

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