You Should Be an Accredited Bosch Contractor

With the Bosch Revolution kicking off tomorrow in Chicago, now is the perfect time to talk about Bosch’s free program for contractor accreditation.

If you’re serious about Bosch equipment–and you should be, it’s great–then the Accredited Bosch Contractor (ABC) Program is a must-join. This program provides a number of essential benefits that make life better for you and your customers. To get all of the details on benefits and how to join, just keep reading!

ABC Benefits

The ABC Program is designed to empower Bosch contractors to generate more business, serve their clients efficiently, and improve their market share.

Training & Technical Benefits

  • ABC Technical Training & Qualification Courses
    • Easily find and register for Bosch-sponsored training courses
  • Online Training & Webinars
    • Can’t make it to a training? Bosch has you covered with a robust online training system.
  • ABC Hotline Access
    • Having difficulty with a specific aspect of a tricky job? Need advice on how to approach an application? The ABC Hotline gives you direct access to Bosch technicians so that you’ll have all the support you need to nail every job, every time.

Sales & Marketing Benefits

  • Warranty Extension
    • ABC-registered equipment receives an exclusive, free one-year warranty extension.
  • Sales Leads
    • When a local homeowner requests information from Bosch, they’ll recommend ABC Program members.
  • Product Financing
    • Open up new opportunities by offering easy and affordable financing to your potential clients.
  • ABC Dealer Listing
    • All Accredited Bosch Contractors are listed in Bosch’s online dealer locator. The more you install, the high you’ll show up!
  • Access to ABC Marketing Materials
    • Custom Website Banners and Promotional Brochures
  • Advertising & Marketing Support
    • Gold & Platinum ABC members can use Bosch’s Facebook page to advertise their personal business.
  • Online Rewards Shop
    • Every piece of equipment that you register gets you points to be used towards Bosch-branded gear.
  • Exclusive Promotions
    • An expansive personal use discount program ($500 back on an IDS condenser plus air handler or cased coil!) headlines Bosch’s ABC-only promotions.

Joining the ABC Program

Becoming an Accredited Bosch Contractor is a straightforward process. You need to head over to https://boschprohvac.com/register/ to create a contractor account. From there, the website will guide you through the free registration process.

If you ever have any questions about how to utilize an aspect of the ABC program, there is a guide attached at the bottom of this post or you can contact Bosch customer support directly and they will be happy to help.

The Bottom Line

Bosch’s ABC Program is a free tool that provides tremendous value. The extended warranties alone are well worth the time to register and you’ll gain access to a plethora of marketing materials and exclusive benefits that allow you to set yourself apart from the competition.

Below are links to resources for Bosch’s ABC Program

The Program Summary contains a list of benefits and a breakdown of the different levels in the ABC Program

The Personal Use Discount Flyer has all the details on ABC rebates for personal equipment

The User Guide has a step-by-step breakdown of how to navigate the ABC portal on Bosch’s website.

Finally, the Program Flyer is a simple marketing material for homeowners explaining the benefits of using an ABC Program contractor.

Bosch ABC Program Summary | Bosch ABC Personal Use Discount Program Flyer | Bosch ABC Program User Guide | Bosch ABC Program Flyer