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Unico iSeries

For years, Unico Systems have offered a superior cooling option for applications where traditional ductwork is impracticable or impossible to install. However, until recently the only way to add heating to a Unico system was through an electric furnace or a hot water coil. While effective, these options are not a universal solution. That is where Unico’s iSeries comes into play.

The iSeries system shares many similarities with both traditional Unico systems and mini split systems. To the untrained eye of a homeowner, the iSeries may seem no different than the traditional Unico systems that the market has come to know and trust. It utilizes the same donut hole outlets and provides the same high velocity cooling comfort. However, with the addition of the iSeries outdoor condenser, things really become interesting. Efficiency increases, both heating and cooling can be delivered, and multiple indoor units can be connected to one iSeries outdoor unit. The variety of these indoor units is where the iSeries shines.

Unico’s iSeries outdoor condensers are compatible with mini split style wall units for a true ductless experience, or they can be used with fan-coil units or separate coil and blower modules. The wall-mounted indoor units operate at a sound level of 23dB to ensure that your customer’s comfort doesn’t disrupt their home. When utilizing a fan-coil or separate modules, the iSeries employs the same unobtrusive 3.5” supply ducting as a standard Unico system. Best of all, the wall units and air handlers can be combined in a single system, giving you multiple options for tricky installations.

In addition to offering unparalleled versatility, Unico’s iSeries also provides high-efficiency comfort. The iSeries system offers configurations that reach a 20.0 SEER rating along with a 9.60 HSPF rating. These excellent efficiency ratings are possible thanks to the inverter-driven compressor in iSeries outdoor units. Additionally, when an iSeries outdoor condenser is used with Unico System components such as fan-coils and blowers, your customer will enjoy the even comfort for which Unico is famed.

The most prominent advantage of the iSeries system is its heating capability. Unico has done an excellent job of making sure that the iSeries system can be a heating solution for any home. The iSeries outdoor condensers provide low-ambient heating in outdoor conditions as cold as -15 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, these condensers feature cold draft prevention that allows them to provide warm air even while the condenser is defrosting.

Controlling an iSeries system is easy. Every wall-mounted unit includes a wireless handheld remote controller. This remote can be wall-mounted if your clients are looking for a traditional thermostat experience, or it can be used freely from anywhere in the zone. A single remote controller can control up to four wall-mounted iSeries units simultaneously. For Unico System indoor units, the best option is the control box. These boxes offer the unique advantage of scaling the airflow rate depending on the difference between a room’s setpoint and its true temperature. This allows for ideal comfort even as conditions shift.

If you’re looking into the iSeries for your customers, don’t hesitate to give your local Able Distributors branch a call. We would be more than happy to help you find a system that suits your application perfectly. With outdoor condensers available in sizes ranging from one-and-a-half to three tons and three different types of indoor unit, there are plenty of options for all types of homes. Also, for every iSeries outdoor condenser that you order in the 2015 calendar year, Unico will provide a $500 dollar contractor rebate.

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