Ultra-Fin: Radiant Floor Heating Made Easy

It’s always exciting to find a product like Ultra-Fin–one that simultaneously opens up new business possibilities while making your life easier. That’s a lofty claim, but in the case of Ultra-Fin, it’s well warranted. For those unfamiliar, Ultra-Fin is an alternative to traditional radiant floor heating systems. It utilizes a different installation method to reduce the amount of materials and labor required to install a radiant floor system. It is especially useful in retrofit applications, but even new construction can benefit from Ultra-Fin. To learn how it works and why it’s great, just read on!

Unique Installation

If your customer wants radiant floor heating, that typically means one of two things needs to happen: 1. The tubing will need to be painstakingly attached beneath their existing floor in the proper pattern, possibly requiring renovation, or 2. the floor needs to be reinforced so that concrete slabs can be installed.

Neither of these are particularly fun jobs and, depending on the space, they can end up being far more trouble than the job is worth. But there is a better way to add radiant floor heating to a space and that way is with Ultra-Fin.

The Ultra-Fin system doesn’t install directly onto the flooring, but rather between the joists. Once the tubing is attached, aluminum Ultra-Fin panels are attached. These panels are what allow the Ultra-Fin system to provide exceptional underfloor heating without actually touching the floor. As hot water passes through the tubing attached to the panels, the panels transfer the heat away from the tubing and up to your floor using convection. The shape and design of the panels and the heat conductivity of the aluminum come together to create currents of hot air which safely heats the flooring.

This leads to a superior heating that requires fewer materials and less work to install.


Unique Advantages

The Ultra-Fin system isn’t simply easier to install than a traditional floor heating system, it also provides some additional benefits. Since the floor is being heated by convection and not through direct contact, the heat is distributed more evenly. This creates more consistent comfort and eliminates hot spots, making Ultra-Fin safer for use with wood flooring.

Ultra-Fin is also known for reaching temperature more quickly than traditional heating systems, ensuring that your clients are always comfortable. Of course, you also get all of the typical benefits of a radiant floor heating system as well. That is to say, the heat escapes less easily than with forced air and the heating does not displace allergens either.

Getting Started

Getting started with Ultra-Fin is easy at Able Distributors. You can ask any our sales staff for help selecting the right products for your application or you can even have one of our outside salesmen help you with system design. Below are some reference documents and a link to a helpful video on converting radiators from Ultra-Fin. Don’t get caught flat-footed this heating season, familiarize yourself with Ultra-Fin now and reap the profits come winter.

Ultra-Fin Installation Guide | Ultra-Fin Approved Tubing List | Ultra-Fin Radiator Conversion Video

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