SmartLock Fittings – No Brazing, No Flaring, No Leaks

If there is one thing that we can really get behind at Able, it’s an elegant improvement to an essential product. From Zilmet’s flat expansion tanks opening new avenues for installation to Nu-Calgon giving us an air purifier that can be installed in minutes, we’re always on the lookout for products that make life easier for contractors.

That is why we were so excited to find SmartLock, a new refrigerant line fitting design that eliminates the need for special tools during installation. That’s underselling it; SmartLock will revolutionize metal-to-metal connections and quickly become an essential part of any condenser installation.

No brazing.

No flaring.

No welding.

No leaking.

By streamlining the connection process and eliminating heat, it makes installation quicker and safer. If you’re typically working in tight spaces such as attics or crawlspaces or you’re outside near flammable flora, standard brazing presents a safety risk. However, with a SmartLock connection, that’s not a concern. SmartLock is especially great for new contractors whose brazing skill might not be up to snuff.

SmartLock doesn’t just cut your initial installation time either, it’s also a huge boon on any follow-up service or routine maintenance calls. Once you have welded a connection, you need to bring even more heat for any revisions; this isn’t the case with a SmartLock connection.

How does it work? Luckily there are a wealth of resources available from both SmartLock and Able to help. All you need is a pair of wrenches!

You can also find video resources from the manufacturer as well as PDF guides by following this link.

All Able locations are now stocking the following SmartLock fittings:

  • Swage Union – 3/8″
  • Swage Union – 7/8″
  • Swage Union – 3/4″
  • Union Straight – 3/8″
  • Union Straight – 5/8″
  • Union Straight – 3/4″

Between these new SmartLock fittings and the Able + NAVAC Speed Packs, which have been flying off the shelves, you’ll be installing forced air systems faster than ever. By the transitive property, more installations = more money, so what are you waiting for? Stop by a branch and ask for a demo today!

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