Small Package, Big Power – The NTI S20W Indirect Water Heater

When it comes to residential hot water in Chicago, one of the most prevalent complaints is space. A storage tank for a single-family household is typically between five and six feet tall with a diameter of two feet. That is a huge ask for many Chicago mechanical rooms, even with the most perfect piping possible. Luckily, NTI has developed a revolutionary indirect-fired water heater that puts serious power in a compact package. Keep reading to get all the details on the hottest hydronic product of 2022: the NTI S20W.

We opened this blog discussing the importance of space, so we’ll lead with that on the breakdown.

Small Package

Your first indication that this isn’t your grandfather’s indirect water heater comes from the fact that it is wall mounted. Previously the exclusive domain of tankless water heaters and combi boilers, a flush wall mount saves vital space.

Speaking of space, the S20W clocks in at a svelte:

34-1/4″ Height
20-7/8″ Width
19-1/2″ Depth

That’s about 1/3rd of the cubic space of the average 6′ x 2’x 2′ tank.

Big Power

**All specifications discussed in this section are based on a 90° F temperature rise with a 150,000 BTU boiler**

Now, since you’re sacrificing so much storage capacity, you probably think that the output will suffer. You’d be wrong. That’s the magic of the S20W: it provides a comparable amount of hot water to a 50+ gallon tank with only 21 gallons of internal storage.

We’ll give you the raw numbers first then get into how NTI managed this feat of engineering.

1st Hour Rating: 197 Gallons
Hourly Recover Rating: 180 Gallons

That’s right, this little wall-mounted box hooks up to the boiler and it’s cranking out nearly 200 gallons of hot water per hour. This is possible thanks to the exacting design and flawless construction.

It starts with constructing the tank and coil out of stainless steel. Then NTI wraps the unit in two inches of EPS foam as insulation. Finally, a 20-gauge metal jacket completes the package. The end result is an impeccably insulated water heater that endures virtually no thermal loss.

Bottom Line

The elevator pitch on the S20W is that it provides ample hot water with a minimal footprint. In fact, it provides hot water equivalent to a unit nearly 3x its size. Additionally, the NTI S20W is built to last with the most important components crafted from stainless steel. Finally, NTI backs these water heaters with a limited lifetime warranty, so your customers can rest easy knowing that they’re covered.

The S20W indirect water heater from NTI is available now at Able Distributors. It can be viewed in our catalog with this link.

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