Scratch and Dent HVAC Equipment Sale

If you’re looking to acquire top quality HVAC equipment at a deep discount, look no further than Able’s Scratch and Dent Sale! The units listed below have all suffered cosmetic damage during transportation, but they are functionally new besides the blemishes. These are available on a first come, first served basis with a quantity of one, so don’t delay ordering!

To inquire about pricing on these big bargains, just contact your nearest Able Distributors branch.

Air Handlers:

GIBSON B6BMM030K-A Air Handler – Minor dents along rear-left corner. Marked down 37%.


GIBSON B6BMM060K-C Air Handler – Major dents on corner. Marked down 38%.


Gibson’s forced air equipment is built to last, and their B6BM air handlers are no exception. These multi-speed air handlers include a galvanized steel cabinet, a plastic drain pan, and a micro-channel evaporator coil. All of these components were designed to resist corrosion, prolonging the life of the equipment. The cabinet also features one-inch thick insulation, which reduces both temperature loss and sweating.

The B6BM air handlers are designed to work in any orientation, so whether your customer’s system is upflow, downflow, or horizontal, they will fit right in. Straightforward plug-in connections and an integrated filter rack make installation a breeze. If you’re looking for a reliable, easy-to-install option for a 13 or 14 SEER system, these air handlers are an excellent choice. The B6BMM030K-A is designed for two-and-a-half ton systems while the B6BMM060K-C is meant for systems with five tons of cooling.


GIBSON KG7SA-054C-23A1 – Top left and top right corners are cracked. Marked down 27%.


GIBSON KG7SA-126C-45D1 – Large dent on panel. Marked down 18%.


Gibson’s KG7SA series of furnaces offer many benefits for homeowners looking to replace their existing furnace. Their tubular heat exchanger design emphasizes efficiency and durability, ensuring reliable heating. The KG7SA-054C-23A1 also includes a multi-speed blower with a time delay relay for more efficient cooling. The blower in this model is sized for two to three ton condensers. This single stage 54,000 BTU natural gas-fired furnace is designed for installation in upflow/horizontal applications. It has an AFUE rating of 80%, and it is compliant with low NOx regulations. The KG7SA-126C-45D1 offers an input capacity of 126,000 BTU with a blower sized for 4-5 tons of cooling. The most unique aspect of the KG7SA series is the cabinet height. These furnaces are lowboy models, with a height of just under three feet. This makes them perfect for retrofits where space is at a premium.

GIBSON KG7SD-054D-24B Furnace – Rear-bottom of unit has a minor scratch. Marked down 13%.


The KG7SD line of furnaces from Gibson is a step up from the KG7SC. The KG7SD-054D-24B is a single stage 54,000 BTU upflow/horizontal model, but it has an AFUE rating of 95%. This is perfect for homeowners who are looking to make an efficiency upgrade when they replace an older furnace.

Like the other KG7S furnaces offered, these furnaces are low NOx compliant and include a multi-speed blower with a time delay relay. The blower in the 54,000 BTU model is sized for two to four tons of cooling. The KGS7D series also enjoys the lowboy design, which keeps the furnaces’ height under three feet.


GIBSON JS4BD-024KB – Two dents along the top of the unit. Marked down 23%.


Gibson’s JS4BD condensers are an excellent 13 SEER option for retrofits and replacements. The JS4BD-024KB central air conditioning condensers provide two tons of cooling.

Built for durability, JS4BD condensers feature micro-channel condenser coils and galvanized steel cabinets, both of which resist corrosion to keep the equipment running smoothly. A high-pressure switch and a liquid line filter drier also improve the safety and reliability of these units.

A removable grille assembly and access panels make installing, adjusting, and servicing a Gibson condenser unit a breeze.

Mini Split Systems:


FUJITSU ASU18CL – Undamaged

Marked down 21%.


FUJITSU AOU36CLX1 – Fins on rear side of unit has a spot that is dented. Side of unit has major dent.

FUJITSU ASU36CLX1 – Undamaged

Marked down 21%.


These Fujitsu wall mounted mini split systems are the perfect solutions for cooling a single zone in a space. Whether you’re looking to complement an existing system or adding air conditioning for new construction, these systems provide efficient, effective cooling. The 18CL system offers 18,000 BTU of cooling with a 19 SEER rating, while the 36CLX1 clocks in at 36,000 BTU with a 15.5 SEER rating. Both systems employ two air purification filters, an apple catechin filter and an ion-deodorizing filter, to capture irritants and odors and prevent them from circulating through your customer’s home or business.

They include a convenient wireless remote controller that provides the user with full access to the system’s robust selection of options and modes. These include a dehumidification mode and quiet mode, as well as an automatic swing mode that shifts the vertical airflow direction to provide consistent cooling throughout the zone.

FUJITSU AOU18RLXFW – Front cage is cracked.

FUJITSU ASU18RLF – Undamaged

Marked down 21%.


The wall-mounted 18RLXFW mini split system from Fujitsu is built to provide 18,000 BTU of year-round comfort for a single zone. With a 19.2 SEER rating, this system is Energy Star qualified. The combination of an apple catechin filter and an ion-deodorizing filter handles air purification, providing your customer with air that is free of pollutants.

It includes a wireless remote controller for easy access to the unit’s many advantageous operating modes. These include a quiet mode, an economy mode, a dehumidifying mode, and an auto fan mode that cycles the airflow direction horizontally and vertically to ensure complete coverage.

AOU12RLFC – Fins on rear side of unit have a spot that is dented.

Marked down 21%.



Fujitsu’s AOU12RLFC outdoor unit is compatible with either the AUU12RLF ceiling cassette indoor unit or the ARU12RLF concealed duct unit. Both options provide a discreet single-zone heating and cooling solution that qualifies for an Energy Star listing with a 20+ SEER rating.

Unit Heaters:

MODINE PDP150AE-0130-SBAN – Unit has a major dent on the side near the bottom. Marked down 33%.


Adding serious heating to a workspace is easy with Modine’s gas-fired PDP unit heaters. The PDP150AE-0130-SBAN is a 150,000 BTU power vented unit heater. This unit uses natural gas and is designed for installation in low voltage applications. The heat exchanger is made from aluminized steel to provide 80% efficient heat transfer.

At an air temperature rise of 51 degrees Fahrenheit, this unit produces 931 feet per minute of hot air with a maximum distance of 55 feet. The PDP150AE-0130-SBAN includes a time delay relay that prevents the blower from activating until the heat exchanger has warmed up. This TDR also keeps the blower running after the unit has stopped firing to transfer the residual heat in the heat exchanger to your customer’s space.

If you have any questions about a unit listed above, or you would like to purchase one, just give your local Able representative a call today. These pieces are priced to move and only available while supplies last, so don’t delay!

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