Unico Factory Training


Every month, Unico hosts a robust three-day training session at their facility in St. Louis. These sessions cover virtually every aspect of the Unico line and prepare participants for all sorts of real-world applications. They are recommended for everyone from techs and installers to counter and field sales.

Each session includes three nights of accommodation at a local hotel, breakfast and lunch every day, and a free turbometer!

Topics Covered

  • Small Duct High-Velocity HVAC Concepts
  • The Features & Benefits of the Unico System
  • Installation & Set-Up
  • Design Services
  • Commissioning
  • Troubleshooting
  • New Products & Product Changes

Every session will also include a Q+A session where you can pick the brain of Unico national trainer Jason Church!

Where & When

Unico Inc

1120 Intagliata Drive

Arnold, MO 63010

There is a class session every month on the following dates:

March 13th – 15thAugust 14th – 16th
April 17th – 19thSeptember 18th – 20th
May 15th – 17thOctober 16th – 18th
June 12th – 14thNovember 13th – 15th
July 17th – 19thDecember 11th – 13th

Register to Attend at the Unico University Webpage!

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