Runtal Baseboards


Runtal Baseboards are the perfect solution for any home with its clean look, small footprint and delivery of maximum heat output. We have the several Runtal Baseboards in stock at a very low price – these are first come / first serve basis. Please call or stop in if you have any questions.


QTYPart #SizeOutputWasSpecial
4UF2-606″ x 5′3000 BTU$458$315.00
2UF2-726″ x 6′3600 BTU$481$331.00
5UF2-846″ x 7′4200 BTU$505$347.00
2UF2-1206″ x 10′6000 BTU$587$403.00
1UF3-849″ x 7′5390 BTU$604$414.00
1UF3-969″ x 8′6160 BTU$638$438.00
2UF3-1209″ x 10′7700 BTU$719$493.00
1UF4-7212″ x 6′5580 BTU$655$450.00
2UF4-12012″ x 10′9300 BTU$850$583.00

Quantity As Of: 10.26.16

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