Our Lowest Prices Ever on Runtal Baseboards

Runtal baseboards are the perfect radiant heating solution for any home. Between their clean look, small footprint, and efficient, even heating capabilities, it’s hard to find an application where they don’t excel.

We have several Runtal baseboards in stock at a very low price. These are available on a first come, first served basis. Please call or stop in today if you have any questions.uf_03-l



QTYPart #SizeOutputOriginal PriceSale Price
4UF2-606″ x 5′3,000 BTU$458.00$315.00
2UF2-726″ x 6′3,600 BTU$481.00$331.00
5UF2-846″ x 7′4,200 BTU$505.00$347.00
2UF2-1206″ x 10′6,000 BTU$587.00$403.00
1UF3-849″ x 7′5,390 BTU$604.00$414.00
1UF3-969″ x 8′6,160 BTU$638.00$438.00
2UF3-1209″ x 10′7,700 BTU$719.00$493.00
1UF4-7212″ x 6′5,580 BTU$655.00$450.00
2UF4-12012″ x 10′9,300 BTU$850.00$583.00

Quantity As Of: 10.26.16

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