Offer Additional Value with Efficiency Services

Are you just an installer to your customer base? How often are you making calls to your clients’ homes? If you’re visiting them once to install equipment and once a year for maintenance, you’re doing your company and your customer’s home a disservice. Offering additional services to your customers is a great way to stay top-of-mind and improve your bottom line. If you aren’t sure how your company can provide your clients with additional value, just read on for a couple of suggestions from us.

Home Energy Assessments

Home energy assessments are an excellent tool for contractors. Not only do these audits provide an additional revenue stream, they also allow you to identify potential sales opportunities. Of course, for customers, an inspection isn’t just an opportunity to be sold to, but rather an opportunity to reduce their monthly energy costs by 5-30% while ensuring that their home is safe.

Practices like a blower door test with an infrared scan can identify ways to improve the comfort and efficiency of a home. These energy assessments are also an excellent opportunity for you to analyze combustions gasses and check for fuel leaks and pressure issues in the home’s HVAC equipment.

Air Duct Cleaning

For your forced air customers, an air duct cleaning can be a revelation. It’s no secret that dirty ducts inhibit efficiency and, in extreme cases, can contribute to unhealthy IAQ. Typically, three years between duct cleanings is an appropriate time to wait, but ducts should be inspected more frequently than that for signs of mold or animal intrusions. Duct cleaning should also always be done following a renovation.

A thorough duct cleaning can improve the overall efficiency and air flow of the home’s heating and cooling system while addressing odor and allergen issues. Duct cleaning services are also an excellent opportunity to pitch am air filter upgrade or duct sealing service to customers who would benefit from them.

Installations, service calls, and regularly scheduled maintenance visits should always make up a bulk of your business, but they don’t have to represent the entirety of it. Additional services such as energy audits and duct cleaning is an excellent way to supplement your income and help your customers get the most from their heating & cooling equipment.

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