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NTI: Building the Best Boilers

We preach the gospel of NTI quite frequently around Able, but it is with good reason. They are constantly striving to further improve the already remarkable efficiency, accessibility, and reliability of their equipment. NTI’s dedication to innovation and quality results in the best hydronic equipment on the market. Part of what makes their boilers, especially the Trinity Fire Tube (Tft) line, so amazing is the construction, design, and implementation of the individual components. NTI boilers are one of the most straightforward examples of the maxim “the sum is greater than the parts”, and when the parts are the best in the business, you know you’ve got something special.

The Fire Tube Heat Exchanger

The eponymous star of the Tft line of condensing boilers, NTI’s Fire Tube heat exchanger is the result of years of design and refinement. The brainchild of AIC, the Fire Tube is a stainless steel down-fired heat exchanger. It is constructed from ASME-rated high-grade Ferritic stainless steel. This material provides two clear benefits: durability and heat transfer efficiency.

The 439 stainless steel used in the Fire Tube is perfect for heat exchanger applications; it resists corrosion and can withstand the extreme temperatures of demanding heating applications. The heat transfer properties play up perfectly with the down-fired designed packed with smaller, dimpled tubes. This design wrings every last BTU of heat from the combustion gases by maximizing the amount of time that they spend in the Fire Tube.

This heat exchanger design can be found in the Tft and Vmax boiler lines.

The Sola Controller with iflex Interface

If the Fire Tube heat exchanger is the heart of the Tft, then the Sola Controller is the brain. The Sola is one of the most advanced hydronic controls available and it built right into the T. With the Sola, you get a full suite of on-unit functionality and thanks to the iflex interface, It’s a breeze to use. The iflex features a 7″ backlit full-color touchscreen that is easy to read and even easier to use.

So, what can the Sola do? A whole lot. It has a guided quick setup process to streamline installation and color-coded diagnostic alerts to streamline troubleshooting and servicing. It features freeze protection and warm weather shutdown to keep the system safe in any conditions. It’s also responsible for improving the efficiency of the boiler through outdoor reset control and modulation control. It can even manage three separate setpoints and three separate circulator pumps.

This control design can be found in the Tft line of boilers.

The Rest

If an incredibly efficient heat exchanger and state-of-the-art controller aren’t enough to convince you, NTI Trinity Fire Tube condensing boilers also have all of the following benefits:

  • Modulating burner with 8:1 turndown ratio
  • Multiple stainless steel piping options
  • Integral low water cut-off
  • Multiple installation configurations

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a boiler that combines efficiency, intelligence, accessibility, and reliability as well as NTI’s Tft. While we focused primarily on the Trinity Fire Tube in this blog, every line of NTI boilers has plenty to love. They’ve done an excellent job of differentiating their different offerings so that it is easy to find an NTI solution for any application.

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NTI Trinity Fire Tube Brochure | NTI Vmax Brochure

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