Bosch + Unico Magic Stick Solution USB Upgrade

Update facts:

  • Software update for the new Bosch BOVB, M18, 3 and 5 ton (silver)
  • Old software version is #32
  • New version is #33
  • Update time required: less than 1 minute.

Update version 33 changes:

  • Improved modulation range
  • Improved adaptive technology coil temp
  • Improved Unico performance

Scan or click the QR code below for step-by-step video instructions:

Bosch Heat Pump USB Upgrade Instructions:

Before this is used we want to make sure that the cycles of the thermostat being used are set to 1 cycle per hour to assure the unit is getting that uninterrupted run time. Check Code #22 to see what the unit has run uninterrupted. If it is a UNICO system, make sure the unit has been charged per Unico’s Superheat/Subcool guidelines.


  1. Use the USB “Magic Stick” provided by Able OR download the software patch file and copy to an empty USB drive
  2. Disconnect all power to unit ( pull disconnect, no call for cooling ).
  3. Insert flash drive into USB port on board:
  4. Magic Stick solution for Bosch plus Unico systems

  5. Power on the system. (The LED will display”-00” when it is updating the program, it will display “y–” once it has succeeded)
  6. Disconnect Power. Remove USB drive.
  7. Power unit back up ( you can go to check points #24, should read 33 new software version )

Stop by your local Able branch to receive the “Magic Stick” and have your questions answered at any time!