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Residential packaged equipment is a large market here in Chicagoland. Between rental properties and condos, there are a lot of Magic-Pak units around here just begging for an upgrade.

That upgrade, of course, comes in the form of a Napoleon Condo Pack. Our contractors who have made the switch all rave about the differences, so we thought we’d lay them out for all to see. Don’t you think that all of those Magic-Pak homes would be more comfortable if their contractors joined the Able Pack

Which Pack Do You Prefer?

 Napoleon Condo PackMagic-Pak
Heat ExchangerStainless SteelAluminized
SectionsSlide Out Heating & Cooling SectionsOnly Heating Section Slides Out
MotorECM Comfort AirStandard PSC
HE Warranty20 Years10 Years
ComponentsFront-Facing for Ease of ServiceAll Over the Cabinet
Design3-Piece for Easy Transport and Installation2- Piece
Drain PanStainless to Inhibit CorrosionNot Stainless
GrommetsIsolation Grommets to Reduce NoiseNo Grommets

And that’s just the major stuff, we didn’t even get into the options like architectural grilles. Napoleon makes it easy; it doesn’t matter whether your client is looking for the best product or the best value, because Napoleon’s Condo Pack check both of those boxes.

Condo Packs are in stock and ready for delivery RIGHT NOW! Just let an Able salesperson know if you would like to learn more.

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