Instant Mini Split Rebates from ComEd – Only at Able!

On the heels of announcing INSTANT utility rebates from ComEd for Bosch heat pump systems, we are doubling down and adding Fujitsu heat pump mini splits to the program. Now, all your clients, whether they have ductwork or not, can enjoy a $400+ savings on their new high-efficiency heat pump system. For details on which Fujitsu combos qualify, just keep reading!

A Brief Refresher

The Old Way:

  1. You buy a qualifying system
  2. You install a qualifying system
  3. You sell the system at a discount anticipating the rebate
  4. You fill out all of the forms
  5. You submit the forms
  6. You wait
  7. You’re finally reimbursed from Step 3

The Able Way:

  1. You buy a qualifying system at Able
  2. The cost of the system is reduced by the full value of the rebate from ComEd

 Fujitsu Joins the Fray

To qualify for a ComEd rebate, the heat pump mini split system must have a SEER rating of at least 17 and an HSPF rating of at least 9.5.

All qualifying systems are eligible for a $450 instant rebate.

The $450 will be deducted from the final sale price of the system at the time of purchase, no paperwork, no hassle.

Qualifying Systems

The following Fujitsu mini split product lines reach the minimum efficiency standards required to receive the instant ComEd utility rebate

Single-Zone Wall-Mount



Single-Zone Cassette


Single-Zone Ducted



All four sizes of condenser are capable of serving as part of a qualifying system. Final efficiency values will be determined by the indoor unit mix. If you need any help designing a qualifying multi-zone system, our sales staff will be happy to help!

ComEd + Able: Making Saving Easy

All qualifying Fujitsu systems are setup in our computer system and ready for you to claim your instant rebates. Stop by any Able location to learn more!

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