Honeywell Hydrosep: Perfect Protection for Hydronic Systems

If you thought that the Z-Block from Tamas was the only new hydronic product we would be introducing this fall, you are in for a surprise. This week we are diversifying our hydronic protection portfolio with a brand-new product from Honeywell: The Hydrosep, a magnetic hydraulic separator that provides multiple layers of protection for a hydronic system.

Hydraulic Separation

In many hydronic systems, what works for one zone or application does not necessarily translate to the others. If you need to run multiple circulators at different speeds, you will need to maintain independent hydraulic circuits.

This can be achieved through carefully designed primary/secondary piping and closely-spaced tees, or it can be achieved by simply adding a Honeywell Hydrosep to the system.


Air bubbles in a hydronic system can lead to “air hammer,” a problem that can range from annoying to damaging. The bubbles coalesce into air pockets which negatively affects water pressure and can lead to pipe vibrations that disrupt the system.

One way to fix trapped air is to shut off the water main and drain the pipes. This is massively inconvenient and takes an eternity. Luckily, you can prevent air pockets from forming by filtering the bubbles out as they pass through a deaerator, which the Honeywell Hydrosep just so happens to have.

This device removes the air bubbles from the stream of water and shunts them to an air valve located at the top of the Hydrosep where they can be harmlessly vented, ensuring a safe, efficient system.

Particulate Separation

While air bubbles are largely annoying, particulate matter poses a very real, very expensive threat to multiple components in a hydronic system. Everything from the circulator pumps to the heat exchanger can be damaged by these intruders, making their removal an absolute priority.

The Hydrosep utilizes a magnetic filtration system to strip dirt and metallic particles from the water and deposit them at the bottom of the unit, which features a convenient discharge valve.

The Bottom Line

The Hydrosep is a comprehensive hydronic protection system, offering hydraulic separation, air separation, and particle separation. Every Honeywell Hydrosep also includes an insulated covering to fight thermal loss.

Able is bringing three sizes of Hydrosep into stock: 1″, 1-1/4″, and 1-1/2″. These models are equipped standard with union connections, but we will also be stocking sweat adapters.

Stop by any branch to discuss why the Hydrosep from Honeywell is right for your next hydronic project–whether its commercial or residential!

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