HCP: Precision-Engineered, American-Made Sheet Metal

Able Distributors is a family-owned business. This affords us a great deal of flexibility when it comes to determining how to best serve our customers. We aren’t beholden to shareholders; decisions aren’t being made by boards far removed from the day-to-day. Instead, we have the freedom to focus on providing the best products instead of the largest margins; we have the agility necessary to be responsive to your concerns in an ever-shifting marketplace. Simply put, there are a lot of benefits to family-owned outfits which is why we prefer to work with them whenever possible.

Heating & Cooling Sheet Metal Products, or HCP, was founded in 1955 and it has been family-owned and family-operated ever since. Able has been working with them for over 25 years and our relationship has never been stronger. It’s not an exaggeration to say that HCP is one of our most beloved product lines. They are certainly one of our most consistent ones.

Sheet metal is the backbone of any forced air system. It needs to be made with the utmost precision or it could compromise the efficiency of the system. Luckily, HCP’s primary focus is and always has been providing rock solid product with a focus on what customers need and want.

To give you a little background on HCP and why we hold them in such high esteem, it is important to discuss one of their yearly rituals: a retreat weekend with not only their distributors but their suppliers as well. This gives HCP the opportunity to solicit feedback about their products and processes from both sides. As a result of these meetings, Able has been able to directly influence the products offered by HCP. That’s right, they designed, machined, and added to their catalog an item which we requested based off of contractor feedback. That’s the kind of attention to detail that is sacrificed when working with corporations.

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