Fernox Boiler Commissioning Kit: What’s in the Box?

If you want to keep a hydronic system running smoothly and effectively, water quality is paramount. When sediment builds within a system, it robs efficiency, creates noise, and reduces comfort. In short, it’s catastrophic.

Luckily, Able is Chicagoland’s supplier for Fernox, the top water treatment company on the market. With the right blend of Fernox products, you can make sure that any system runs efficiently. Today we are going to be providing a quick breakdown of the Fernox Boiler Commissioning Kit. These kits are available in the traditional liquid form or as pressurized express treatments.

F1 Protector

The heart of any boiler commissioning kit and the most important Fernox product in our opinion: Fernox F1 Protector, the first step to ensuring a healthy hydronic system.

The primary function of this treatment is to prevent corrosion and scale. These pesky contaminants can negatively impact a boiler and radiators in a variety of ways:

  • Contributes to early breakdowns
  • Reduces system efficiency
  • Prevents venting
  • Introduces cold spots
  • Increases maintenance and heating costs
  • Creates exasperating noise

To prevent ALL those issues, the F1 treatment must apply multiple layers of protection. Fernox accomplishes this with a trio of inhibitors that form two barriers of protection and maintain a balanced pH.

F3 Cleaner

While the protector may do a bit more of the heavy lifting, the Fernox Boiler Commissioning Kit is a two-product show, and it wouldn’t be complete without the F3 Cleaner. When the F3 Cleaner is used before the Fernox F1 Protector, systems operate on average 15% more efficiently.

That’s right, by making Fernox a part your hydronic maintenance calls, your clients can enjoy up to 15% off their heating bills. That’s more than enough to make up for the modest cost of a boiler commissioning kit. The F3 Cleaner works by flushing debris and contaminants out of the system. Flux, sludge, and scale don’t stand a chance against Fernox F3 Cleaner.

The Accessories

Boiler commissioning kits also include a trio of additional items that streamline the job:

  • pH test strips
  • Hang tag
  • System test kit

The pH strips are pretty straightforward, you use them to make sure that the system is balanced and not too acidic or basic. The hang tag is primarily for marketing/peace of mind. It goes somewhere near the unit like the gas pipe and lets anyone working near the system know that the water is treated with Fernox. Finally, the test kit is used to check the level of F1 Protector in the system, this makes it easy to know if someone needs to be topped off when you’re on a service call.

All told, the Fernox Boiler Commissioning Kit is an essential addition to any hydronic application and they’re available at all Able locations!

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