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Coming Soon to Able: Blue Monster Abrasives & Tools

Able Distributors is always working hard to find new brands and product lines that can benefit our customers. When we’re looking at a brand to bring in there are a few things that we consider including overall value and utility. In Blue Monster, we’ve found a product catalog that has both in spades.

On Monday, we took a look at Blue Monster’s sealant lineup and today we’ll be tackling the rest of the catalog. With that introduction out of the way, let’s dive into the product offerings and see just what Blue Monster has to offer!


Aluminum Oxide Open Mesh Abrasive Cloth

Blue Monster abrasive cloth

When it comes scouring and cleaning, you’ll be hard-pressed you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option than Blue Monster’s abrasive cloths. The aluminum oxide open mesh abrasive cloth comes in 2″ rolls with 5, 10, and 25 yard rolls available. There are also 2″ x 8″ mini strips for a convenient, carry-able cleaning cloth.

Blue Monster opted for a 21 x 21 mesh. This means that the mesh features larger holes. The advantage to this design is that it can be used with soft materials without worrying about clogging. The grit material is blended 165 grit white aluminum oxide. This material is recognized as an aggressive choice that allows contractors to clean quickly.

In addition to cleaning quicker and more efficiently than traditional abrasives, Blue Monster’s aluminum oxide open mesh abrasive is also completely waterproof, allowing to work in pretty much any conditions.

Ultra-Flex Abrasive Cloth

Blue Monster abrasive cloth

The Ultra-Flex abrasive cloth shares many similarities with Blue Monster’s aluminum oxide open mesh abrasive cloth. Both are available in 2″ rolls or 2″ x 8″ mini strips, both are waterproof, and both are among the best options on the market when it comes to abrasives.

The Ultra-Flex cloth utilizes a slightly less intense grit at 150, but it’s still more than enough for most applications. Where the open mesh is designed for applications with tricky materials, the Ultra-Flex is designed for tricky spaces. Living up to its name, the Ultra-Flex is flexible enough to reach tight spots that other abrasive cloths just can’t.

Blue Monster Premium Abrasives Product Literature

Specialty Tools

Drain Banger

Blue Monster Drain Banger - drain cleaner / clog remover

If you’ve got to clear a pipe in under a minute, you need Blue Monster’s Drain Banger drain cleaner and clog remover. Liquid drain cleaners are typically inefficient and beaded ones can end up exacerbating issues rather than fixing them. That’s why Blue Monster went with a flake design. These flakes trigger when they come into contact with hot water, making it easy to introduce them to a system before activation. Drain Banger is acid-free and safe for use with standard fixtures, porcelain, and septic systems. It can remove hair, grease, soap, and oils in less than sixty seconds. Keep a container of Drain Banger in your truck and you’ll never have to worry about clogged drains and pipes again.

Blue Monster Drain Banger Product Literature

Advantage Closet Bolts

Blue Monster closet bolts

These brass bolts are a cut above the competition thanks to their careful design. Each bolt features broach-tip that can be cleanly broken off to fit your application perfectly. This tip also communicates the direction of the bolt foot to the contractors, making it easier than ever to install a toilet. The foot of the bolt includes raised knobs to prevent any movement once installation is completed. With Advantage Closet Bolts, you’ll get the job done right and done quick. What more can you ask for?

Blue Monster Advantage Closet Bolts Product Literature

Six-in-One Tube Brush

Blue Monster Six-in-One tube brush

Mill-Rose is famed for their brushes so it only makes sense that Blue Monster would offer on the most full-featured brush tools we’ve ever seen. This brush can:

Clean ½” (I.D.) Fittings

Clean ¾” (I.D.) Fittings

Clean ½” (O.D.) Tubing

Clean ¾” (O.D.) Tubing

Deburr Tubing to Code

Unlock B-Lock Tanks

Heavy-Duty Citrus Scrubbing Towels

Blue Monster Citrus Scrubs

These disposable towels from Blue Monster are perfect for job site cleanup. Each package contains seventy-five pre-moistened 10″ x 12″ towels. The citrus-scented cleaning solution contains aloe, lanolin, and vitamin C and it is solvent- and chemical-free. It also dries quickly, allowing you to get back to work straight away.

Each towel features a dual-texture design with a scrubbing side and a smooth side. This design prevents dirt from transferring from your hands to the towel and back again. In addition to being the perfect way to clean your hands, these towels are also great for use on tools.

Blue Monster will be showing up in Able storefronts soon, be sure to keep an eye out!

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