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Brand New Scratch & Dent Inventory Page

The unfortunate truth about interstate transportation is that it’s not perfect; things can–and do–get damaged in transit. While we’d prefer that everything arrives in pristine condition, that’s just not possible. However, from misfortune comes opportunity.

Obviously items that are damaged to the point of affecting operations are claimed and scrapped. What about the stuff with minor blemishes? The scratches, scuffs, and dents? While we obviously cannot just sell those as though nothing is wrong, what we can do is adjust the price. That’s where your opportunity comes in.

While we have offered scratch and dent sales before, we have never had a perpetually updating list of in-stock S+D equipment. Until now.

Right now, this is solely a list of available items. It does not yet have information of pricing or damage, but we just couldn’t wait to share it with you. To get further information about an item or to purchase, all you need to do it get into contact with friendly neighborhood Able salesperson. You can call, text, or email, just make sure to mention that you’re inquiring about an item in our scratch and dent inventory.

And be sure to keep an eye of the page, we will be adding new items as they are available and new features in the coming weeks and months.

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