BIG-8 Duct Insulation: Forced Air’s Best Friend

Between our five years with NTI and our exclusive partnership with Napoleon, I think it’s safe to say that Able values efficiency. An efficient system that is designed for your application will provide greater comfort as a lesser cost over time.

From modulating gas valves and condensing heat exchangers, there are plenty of ways to improve the efficiency and efficacy of equipment, but those aren’t the only aspects of an HVAC system. When it comes to forced air, ductwork is a major component of the system and it is frequently overlooked. The best furnace in the world can only do so much with a poorly sealed, uninsulated air distribution network.

That’s where Thermo Manufacturing’s rFOIL BIG-8 duct insulation comes into play.

The Basics

BIG-8 is thermal insulation for ductwork and it has an R-Value of 8. It utilizes reflective bubble pack insulation to provide superior protection against temperature changes. BIG-8 is effective in both heating and cooling applications.

The Homeowner Benefits

BIG-8 will provide all of the basic benefits of duct insulation. By insulating the ductwork with BIG-8, the system will be able to reach the target temperature more easily and therefore use less energy to keep the home comfortable. This also reduces overall runtime and improves the longevity of the equipment.

One of the issues with uninsulated ductwork can be the formation of condensate. Typically, insulation provides a measure of protection against this. Since BIG-8 utilizes two layers of bubble material to form an airtight seal, it not only prevents the formation of condensate on the exterior of the duct, it also ensures that the duct system is impermeable to moisture.

The Contractor Benefits

The major draw with BIG-8 is obviously the efficiency gains. This small addition can make a major difference in the quality and cost of comfort in a home. However, if you’re an installer, that’s not the only reason to get excited.

When designing BIG-8, rFOIL set out to eliminate most of the common complaints from contractors regarding duct insulation. For ease of installation, the BIG-8 can’t be matched. The material does not require foam corner spacers and it can be easily cut and configured around obstacles.

The big draw for contractors though is that BIG-8 is made from non-fibrous materials. That means there are no glass fibers and no itchy materials. It can be installed completely without the need for any protective gear. Also, between the tear-and-puncture resistance and the moisture blocking, BIG-8 maintains its insulating properties for years without the need for service, maintenance, or replacement.

The Bottom Line

Equipment is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to HVAC systems. It’s the most important piece, don’t get us wrong, but it’s myopic to think that other components aren’t important. Duct insulation requires a bit of extra legwork up front, but it pays long term dividends in terms of both efficiency and comfort.

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