Promote Your Business with Social Media

Promoting your business and getting noticed can be one of the most difficult parts of this business. Doing great work helps with word of mouth and there is always the option of paying a third-party company for marketing.

What if I told you there was a free way for you to promote your business, support the manufacturers of the products that you install, and foster a sense of community? You can do all of that through social media.

(Now is a good time to mention that Able Distributors has active Facebook and Instagram pages. Tag us when you post HVAC content and we will share it!)

Now, you may be skeptical; it may seem like a distraction or a waste of time. However, there are many benefits to maintaining a professional presence on social media.

The Benefits

  1. You can showcase your work.

This one is pretty obvious, but I don’t think most people appreciate how much this can help. Every time you go on a job, someone is inviting you into their house. A catalog of past installations not only demonstrates your skill and familiarity with the product, it fosters a feeling of trust. Of course, the promotional aspects don’t hurt! We are a big fan of using before & after photos to demonstrate just how much of a difference a professional installation with modern equipment can make.

  1. You can build your own brand.

As a contractor, you buy from multiple sources, install products from many manufacturers, but do you take the time to differentiate your personal company? To define what sets you apart from the others? A social media presence allows you to demonstrate your company’s personality, interact with customers, and communicate deals and new products.

  1. Social media connects you to the conversation.

The HVAC industry has a lot of moving parts. Manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and installers are all working towards the same goal but frequently the lines of communication can become fragmented. One way to keep information flowing and people connected is through social media. When you install a Bosch product, tag Bosch and tag us. When we publish a Bosch blog post, share it on your timeline. When the lines of communication are open and everyone is sharing resources, we are all stronger.

The conversation isn’t just industry professionals either, it’s also your customers. Homeowners can use your page to ask questions, book appointments, and review & recommend your work. This opens up new job opportunities.

  1. It is easy!

With a smartphone, you have everything that you need to make a post right in your pocket. If you’re not sold on making your own company page yet, you can also snap the pictures and send them into Able! Just drop an email to marketing [at] or any salesperson and we’ll incorporate it!

Bottom Line

So, to review, social media is a free way to promote your business; it connects you to homeowners, distributors, and manufacturers; and it is easy to get started whether you want to create your own page right now or not.

On top of all of that, the HVAC industry is one where social media hasn’t been widely accepted yet, which means that it is easier to stand out without spending money. Whether you’re your company’s only employee or you have a fleet of trucks, social media offers no-risk, high-reward promotional platform that can really help your business!

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